Monday, November 26, 2012

Very Civilized Statement

"I remind you that in line with the principles of international law, no state can take measures aimed at the forced change of a government in another state."

"A desire to change the political regime of another state by recognising a political force as the sole carrier of sovereignty seems to me to be not completely civilised," he added.

Read the above Russia prim minister utter civilized statement, yeah, the principals of intentional law any despot gun point to their people and country  to seize power make their own family firm and personal salve , and years years strip off the people’s freedom and dignity,  make them enslaved with terror, and one day the great people finally waken up and had enough of despots,  they demand their country and their freedom back and  despots shot and kill  them, bomb their house, towns and drive them out their own land and make them stateless orphans instead!   yearh   yearh, yes Russia is holding  hand the terrorist criminal  assad who never have been a lawful in that position first place,  yeah yeahee very civilized indeed! Gosh what a noble civilized  comments! Everyone blood is boiling in  a such hot noble comment!