Monday, September 30, 2013

Criminal Assad Claim Fighting World Peace and Security!

Assad Syrian Revolution as A Terrorist Attack 

Criminal terrorist Assad puppets  claim at UN General Assembly, Assad fighting for terrorism and wider international war on terrorism, also clam that Syrian civil compare to the US 9:11 attack. Assad thinks the  rest of the world stupid retard.  
On Sept., 11, 2001, he said, New Yorkers “were burned with the fire of extremism and bloodshed, the same way we are suffering now in Syria.”

Assad is a worst terrorist this century, he is another Hitler, he maintenance his life lies and propaganda, is supported by Russian vetos, he  gassed his own people,  drive million of people out of their own country, closed off international media, stave million of people internally, he bombs schools hospital killing school children… he playing emotional blackmail…  endless fabrication lying and distortions.  UN is lost its courage and merits.  How can  no one challenge unsc 5 ps?  Let criminal Assad puppets insulting world of conscience and million of Syrian people. All these UN ambassadors who is against US, do not mixed with their supporting Syrian people's revolution is not about sided with US but supporting Syrian uprising...  This is peaceful up rising, Syrian people peaceful up rising 2011 which criminal Assad inhumanly brutally attacked suppressed it and turn it into the civil war...  and west is not support revolutionaries side while Russia Iran and hezbollah arms money vetos supports criminal Assad... ofcourse we all predicted that the ground turned into radicalized... Also Assad manipulated or work with  al Qaeda linked groups ( common interest against US et al) for their own interest. Talking of brutality Assad side is more,  million times more brutal  than to Syrian people and the revolutionists... they set up scenes that against the Opposition, using their propaganda machine...also on the ground, some of group sided with Islamist radicals  are  matter of accessing weapons and resources because Free Syrian Army side is not sufficient enough funding from outside, when or if they get enough  accessing resources they all change their side again.

When I think of all these activists no more active on the media... silence...  where about them?  BUT their love is shining like pearly dew on the grass, their love opens world of freedom and conscience,  their agonies their tortures,  all these unsung heroes who give their one life to their love who dare to stand up this inhuman tyrant Assad... their love of Syria... the  love is planting seed of hope among the rabbles, dead dreams, lover's graveyards... because of the love  Syrian people have dream,  inextinguishable dream among midst of darkness! The world should remember this is a popular uprising! Syrian people against this brutal criminal Assad's family rule more than 40 years! This great courageous brave Syrian  people against this autocrat Assad family 40 years rule! The world stands up for their Great Struggle!

Friday, September 27, 2013

unsc Earnest Pledge

We all agree dismantle Syria’s chemical arsenal but also we all agree... watching million of innocence people’s face on mass starvation…their miseries... just watching...

un  need a revolution, it is time to rise against the 5 permanent membership to reform.  

A Huge Binding with Consequences.... Of Just Watching

IS THERE ANY TEETH IN the resolution? .... International community is watching... not only watching...but just watching...!!!"   They are  just watching last 2.5 years...not doing anything but watching.... yeah yeah... 7 millions people faces on mass community is watching.... for 7 million people's agony... thousand people were  gassed to death.. more than 100,000 people were killed.... yes international community just watching...yeah yeah.... Do you have any stick in it?  What is the point of the resolution? We are pushing for the resolution that are a huge binding consequence for the international community for watching.... and they put their respond with them for doing nothing! What is the consequences then? Well we don't know yet but we have range of options, but we are not get there yet but we are hoping get there too!  O man where is my old blanket? I need a comfort!

Toothless Tiger

UN draft resolution explained: Part V

 21. Decides, in the event of non-compliance with this resolution, including unauthorized transfer of chemical weapons, or any use of chemical weapons by anyone in the Syrian Arab Republic, to impose measures under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter;

August 21 chemical weapon attack was denied by criminal Assad and Russia utterly. No one access whole Syria... Assad using his well turned  propaganda machine  most effectively lie distortion fabrication whole story and  Russia happily obligated it. So even if Assad use CW again he would do it same things... lie lie and fabrication using nuns...can you trust Assad's nuns? Or any nuns or any criminal's nuns  that matter, they are all justified or cleansing their sins under their bigotry own gods... Anyway the above the underlined( I underlined) meaningless wordings, in that context... blaming the Oppositions for using their NON-possessed CW.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chemical Weapon IS A Manna for the Evil

Water down, filtered resolution customer made from  unsc  guarantee to criminal Assad live bit longer killing more people, many millions people more suffer, million children lost hope for their future,  " ...if Assad not honored .... unsc come back for the Charter 7 ..." What a words of chemical weapon theme song of honey manna for the evil..., Russia would  come back all sort of excuses after ... every words of nit pickings just time bidding, now Russia offered military to guard chemical weapon sites then another complication, Russia die hard protect criminal Assad for their own interest while million of Syrian face on starvation   ...

The World Leaders Should Against the unsc ...5 members

Speaking in the UN General Assembly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said thatRussia has enough evidence to assert that homemade sarin was used on August 21 in a
chemical attack near Damascus, according to a report by Russian news outlets RT:

“The reports by the journalists who visited the sites,
who talked to the combatants, combatants telling the journalists that they were
given some unusual rockets and munitions by some foreign country and they
didn’t know how to use them. You have also the evidence from the nuns serving
in a monastery nearby who visited the site. You can read the evidence and the
assessments by the chemical weapons experts who say that the images shown do
not correspond to a real situation if chemical weapons were used. And we also
know about an open letter sent to President Obama by former operatives of the
CIA and the Pentagon saying that the assertion that it was the government that
used the chemical weapons was a fake.”

Russian sings criminal Assad evil song sheet, inside locked doors, fabricated criminal Assad evil crime  Russian sings delightfully, scores of 100,000 Syrian people life their  blood, their  agony, millions of children lost future.  The nun would be criminal Assad’s wife … a nun yes criminal’s pretty fake Christian nun can do everything.  Assad has no faith but his own family, he using everyone for his own family survival,  Russia stands by it… the world leaders should rise against the permanent unsc 5 membership, as their vetos are for their own interests,  nothing to do the world peace and security.   Why the permanent 5 member control 197 other countries? Why Russia stands for the killer who killed 100,000 people and drive millions of them out from their own country? The world leaders should against the unsc, as it lost its merit of custodian of world peach and security,   but 5 permanent members are bigots,  they killed more than 100,000 Syrian people they should responsibility for their death! Hitler gassed 6 million Jews at gas chambers, criminal Assad will kill 6 million Syrian people mass starvation affiliation with the unsc vetos!
The world leaders must stand up against the 5 permanent members and reform the bigotry spiritless unsc!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Needs Reform unsc

unsc, a small minded, out of dated,  incestuous infighting 5 permanently bigots political playground, they are shameful disgraceful...
I think world leaders  should rise against the 5 permanent member and reform it

The system has to be reformed. In 1945 it was a different world, you have a new international order, things have changed ... peace and security have changed. Unfortunately, reform so far has focused only on the increase of permanent and non-permanent seats ... but I think we need a much more comprehensive reform.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Military Strikes - Credible Force Credible Result

"We know that these terrorists are obeying the orders of other countries and these countries do drive these terrorists to commit acts that could get the Syrian government blamed for hindering this agreement," Assad said in the interview.

We already know that Assad using CW as a lever stuff things around. Now  he move around CW for  his strategic position, use it as lever for his survival.   Demaces to Homs to Latakia along coastline.

Military strikes must on the table for incentive for the criminal Assad not stuffing things around  and Russia. Without military strikes on the table for the disarmament CW will be failed!  President Obama should be the Thug- the Bully, then why should he care about feeble nobody criminal Assad?   As much as Obama try to solve it diplomatically but  it didn't work so far, unsc won;t solved the problems.... while so many people are killed by this appalling  criminal daily, the world focus on this criminal lies. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Force Is Necessary Evil

The London-based broadcaster for American networks said was "stunned" by British MPs voting not to take part in military action. 
But she added: "Having covered wars, I also know that limited targeted strikes - no boots on the ground - are sometimes really necessary to end terrible, terrible, terrible, inhuman suffering." 
In her personal film for BBC1's This Week, she claimed it was the "credible threat of US force" in Syria that forced the Syrians, with Russians, to discuss destroying weapons.
I underlined  

The world illusions

 Criminal Assad telling the truth and Russian telling the truth....

Friday, September 20, 2013

Putin Makes Russia Ugly

US senator John McCain attacks Vladimir Putin in Russian news website editorial

US senator John McCain has written a scathing retort to Vladimir Putin's editorial in the New York Times, accusing the Russian president of allying himself with tyrants and ruling through violence and repression.


..."[Putin] is not enhancing Russia's global reputation. He is destroying it," wrote the senior senator from Arizona, who is also a leading Republican voice on military affairs. 
"He has made her a friend to tyrants and an enemy to the oppressed, and untrusted by nations that seek to build a safer, more peaceful and prosperous world." more 
Yes, Putin afraid of all the Russians rise against him, the world become a small  global family, we connected nicely each other through spiderwebs... we know each other what other are doing another side of global intimately... we are friend of... we care for each other,  there is no such things able to  hid, old  tyrannical dictators did some years back during the cold war,  try to hid something from their own people.... Russian are far more well informed well traveled if not by physically but certainly by web... to be manipulated by one dictator who try to manipulated old KGB style. Russian should be free... be fit to her vast glorious of rich cultural  inheritance of, her people should be free of tyrannical manipulation...Putin is wrong to stands up for a condemned  criminal which is not good for the glorious Russia  images instead shame on her and her people!

Anatomy of a War Crime

This is what Russia stands up for!   The world leaders should condemn the unsc 5 permanent members, their misrepresenting and abusing their privilege power for their own political game.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fake Cheat... What Russia Stands For

The Opposition of criminal Assad, saying that Assad disturbed distributed  a fake fabricated video --blaming the Opposition used chemical weapon 21 August. 
...The terrorist Assad regime has fabricated videos showing people wearing masks and firing D-30 artillery and rockets. Voices in the video state that the incident took place on August 21st. The Assad regime has put a banner on which was written, in a strange way, the name “Liwa al-Islam”. These fabricated videos were circulated online and handed over to western media in order to incriminate Liwa al-Islam. The position of Liwa al-Islam is summed up in the following points:
  1. Those videos were not published on our official channels. They are thus forged and completely fake. 
 Read more 
 And here is Al Jazeera Live Blog  Syria have fake clips. Easy enough to make that kind of fake cheat rubbish... what Russia stands for!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chemical Report 'stands for itself’

Stands Up For Criminals

SyriThe UN has responded to Russian claims that its report on the August 21 attack in Damascus was "one-sided" and "biased".
Reuters reports:
The United Nations said its conclusion that rockets loaded with sarin gas were used should not be questioned. "The findings in that report are indisputable," UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said. "They speak for themselves and this was a thoroughly objective report on that specific incident."
Russia and Criminal Assad lives world of fantasy, lie lie la land... a match from hell,  Assad feed Russia pin stripped ironed faced feeble ego, continuously provide fabrication buffoon sake of arguing drugging....nit picking...Russia will be sorry... 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Three Musketeers

One for all, all for one! 

To punish criminal Assad....

The World Need to Know Who Gassed!


The UN says its chief chemical weapons inspector has turned over his team's report on last month's alleged poison gas attack in Syria to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. 
UN spokesman Martin Nesirky said the report was transmitted on Sunday and the secretary-general will brief a closed session of the UN Security Council on its contents on Monday morning.
He will also brief the 193-member General Assembly later that day.
The inspection team led by Swedish expert Ake Sellstrom was mandated to report on whether chemical weapons were used in the Aug. 21 attack in the Damascus suburbs and, if so, which chemical agents were used - not on who was responsible. 
The secretary-general said on Friday that he believed there would be "an overwhelming report" that chemical weapons were used in the attack.
The world wants know who gassed thousand people to death! Why "not on who was responsible?" UN has a responsibility to tell the world correctly unbiased way who gassed these  hundred of innocence children  and to  punish the criminal who committed a such grave crime against humanity to bring  him to the justice that is the world responsibilities.   Dictators who have chemical weapon in their camps,  are watching this show carefully and see how the world react this unforgivable grave inhumane crime  if the world not punished this criminal there would be other dictators following suite by  gasses their own people ...REMEMBER! So many children just lay dead aimless discarded stones, Syrian children they are the victims of this incredible unsc feeble foul play!  They can not go to schools... lost generation,  all these children are living death, their right, their innocence souls  are raped by unsc veto! This unspeakable world of politics!  They will grow up as haters of world, they don;t know how to love but only hate and fear because that is their only world they had,  the traitors! Killers! Nasty betrayals!   When their sad hollow eyes catches flicks on fire...their anger stitches and across..., they will wake up with their collective consciousness  then their revenge start.... they don't know any other way but only one way as the world taught them... then the world must prepare its sin... the unsc is a criminal affiliate to fail to protect millions of innocence children, to prevent turn them into the world of terrors!  

I underlied

Sunday, September 15, 2013

unsc is a hostage of Russia

This black, no this is white, what is wrong your vision this is certainly black... I can  see the black so you must color blind, this is white in my normal blind eyes so I am right you are wrong.... no I can see in my normal vision this is black and white ... etc.......... 2 years late.... still keep going on on.......



Meanwhile, AFP reports that UN leaders have "agonized" over a report that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will present Monday on chemical weapons in Syria that could renew pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, officials said. 
Ban has already revealed that he expects the report by a UN investigation team to the UN Security Council to give "overwhelming" confirmation that arms were used in an attack near Damascus on August 21 in which hundreds died. 
But the UN team is not allowed to say who carried out the attack, which the West blames on Assad. While diplomats say the detail will give a clear pointer to who is responsible, opponents and supporters of Assad - who pleads innocence - will be looking for evidence to back their case. 
A Russia-US accord on the dismantling of Syria's chemical stockpile will also weigh heavily on Security Council consultations expected to be called Monday. 
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Saturday slammed what he called attempts to "retouch" the UN report. Syria's UN envoy, Bashar Jaafari, has also said his government will not accept a "politicised" report. 
"Russia, the Americans, all sides, have been putting on pressure over this report," a UN official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Ban's office has agonized over every word. The message has to be how serious this attack was but also support the Russia-US initiative." 
Diplomats from various countries also confirmed approaches to Ban about the report.
What is Russia and criminal afraid of the UN Report 21 August Chemical Attack?  the whole world has been waiting for  the Report! The UN should impartial and live up to its accord its integrity, the UN has its responsibility to inform  the world what has happen 21 August, why so many innocent people were gassed to death!  Let the world decide the consequences!  

Why Not Airstrikes Are Not Subject To

A ban on chemical weapons isn't enough, a Syrian opposition group said Sunday.

It called for the Syrian regime to end the use of airpower over populated areas.

"The Syrian National Coalition insists that the ban of use of chemical weapons, which led to the loss of lives of more than 1,400 Syrian civilians, must be extended to ban the use of the regime air power and ballistic weapons against population centers, in addition to the redeployment of heavy weapons away from population centers, and the prohibition of use of these weapons to bomb Syrian cities and villages," the group said in a statement.

"The world must not allow the Assad regime to take advantage of the Russian initiative and their joining the treaty on the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons as an excuse to continue the daily slaughter of the Syrian people with impunity," it added.

The group expressed skepticism about the chemical weapons deal.

"The Assad regime has a long track record of deceit when it comes to dealing with the treaties and empty promises in the regime attempt to buy more time," the coalition statement said.

It asked rebel supporters to strengthen its military capabilities.

"The coalition calls upon the Arab brothers and Friends of Syria military to strengthen the arm capability of the military opposition to be able to neutralize the Assad air force and his tanks to force the regime to end its military campaign and accept a political solution that will lead to a democratic transition in Syria," it said.

Gen. Salim Idriss, head of the rebel Free Syrian Army, told reporters in Istanbul he has information that Syria has already started to move chemical materials and weapons out of the country, into Lebanon and Iraq.

Why not restrict air power too? If the world diplomacy at wheel  why not restrict criminal assad  airstrikes are not subject of banning? That seem more than fair!

Multipolar World...

As for Russia itself, it is now back at the top table of global diplomacy, talking to the US as a true equal for the first time since the end of the Cold War. The Geneva agreement ensures the two sides are locked into negotiations that could last for months or even years. Putin, full of chutzpah, even wrote an article in the New York Times, warning Americans that they were not so exceptional after all.
This seemed to go down well on the streets of Moscow. In a very unscientific poll of popular opinion, I found that people were generally impressed by how Putin has handled the Syrian crisis. "I'm not a fan of Putin's, but on this issue he is right," said a charity worker. A lawyer said "American policy is absurd, can't they see what the jihadists are doing?"
For 20 years, many Russians argue, the US has acted with reckless arrogance, but now at last it has been pegged back.
Finally, what of Syria itself? Chemical weapons, horrible as they are, have only caused a tiny fraction of the casualties in the civil war.  Russia will carry on providing military support to Assad. The US may step up arms shipments to the opposition.
Perhaps an optimistic analysis of the Geneva agreement is that it will keep the Americans and Russians talking to each other, and in the process help revive the moribund talks on a wider peace agreement. Now that would be a good way to show that a new, multipolar world, can work better than the one we seem to be leaving behind.

Rebel Dismay The Deal

scuppered any chance of Western intervention on their side. 

While Britain, France and the OPCW welcomed the deal, the rebels fighting Mr Assad's regime greeted it with dismay, fearing it has scuppered any chance of Western intervention on their side. 
"We cannot accept any part of this initiative," General Selim Idriss, the head of the Free Syrian Army, told reporters in Istanbul. 
"Are we Syrians supposed to wait until mid-2014, to continue being killed every day, and to accept (the deal) just because the chemical arms will be destroyed in 2014?"
Everything within unsc there is no chance to solve anything other than Russian way.  There is will be delay tactics excusing because inspectors safety or some strategic area they move chemical weapon around using as lever all sort of way, and also will be blame the Rebel as collectively "..terrorists" Last few week some terrible propaganda were done by criminal Assad which credibly discredited to t the Rebel.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

If Not Comply I Will Strike You


US President Barack Obama welcomed the deal reached Saturday to strip Syria of chemical weapons but said much remains to be done and warned Damascus to comply with the accord.
In a statement, Obama said that if the regime of Syria's Assad does not live up to the deal Washington reached with Syria's ally Russia, the United States remains prepared to act.
Obama said the accord was made possible "in part" by what he called his credible threat to use force against Syria as punishment for its alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians last month.

Why US Gives So Easily?

Syria crisis: US 'to drop military threat'

The US will drop its insistence that a UN resolution on Syria must be backed by military force, officials say, after strong objections from Russia.
US is dragged by Russia, give everything away, knowing US public against military strikes... Russia would say believe me believe if you drop military action we do this and that... Military strike was threatening, that has been removed there is nothing criminal Assad afraid about it. Now Assad move chemical weapon around his strategic position and try to deal with world his own independent area. The Opposition never will give up until Assad is gone and the refugee continuously flow, the world have to deal with humanitarian crisis,  except Russia, Assad and China.

Diplomacy Wordings Only

(CNN) -- Russia and the United States said Saturday they have reached a groundbreaking deal on a framework to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons, after talks in Switzerland.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stood side by side as they set out a series of steps the Syrian government must follow. ...

Under the resolution, progress on eliminating Syria's chemical weapons will be kept under review and, "in the event of non-compliance ... the UN Security Council should impose measures under Chapter VII of the UN Charter."

Chapter 7 of the U.N. charter leaves open the possibility for the Security Council to consider the use of force if Syria fails to comply, but Russia, which has veto power on the council, is unlikely to agree to that. Other options include the use of sanctions.

Questioned by reporters, Kerry backed off the idea of force, saying he won't specify what the remedy "might be for circumstances we don't even know yet."

Lavrov said that "any violations of procedures ... would be looked at by the Security Council and, if they are approved, the Security Council would take the required measures, concrete measures."

But, he added, "There is nothing said about the use of force or any automatic sanctions."

Lavrov said it was the responsibility of all parties to ensure that the weapons inspectors can work safely in Syria. Read more 

There is nothing concrete, diplomacy all wording, as we know unsc hostage of Russia they can control by veto, what is the point?  Criminal assad bidding times and all sort of excuses after excuses stuffing things around and on going slaughtering people.

Obama is being led into it by Assad & Putin.


Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who have been pushing for strong military action against Assad, have released their response to the US/Russia deal on Syria. They refer to that issue of non-compliance again - just what does the US do if/when Syria decides to start messing about?
Here it is, in full:
What concerns us most is that our friends and enemies will take the same lessons from this agreement – they see it as an act of provocative weakness on America's part. We cannot imagine a worse signal to send to Iran as it continues its push for a nuclear weapon.
Without a UN Security Council Resolution under Chapter 7 authority, which threatens the use of force for non-compliance by the Assad regime, this framework agreement is meaningless. Assad will use the months and months afforded to him to delay and deceive the world using every trick in Saddam Hussein's playbook. It requires a willful suspension of disbelief to see this agreement as anything other than the start of a diplomatic blind alley, and the Obama administration is being led into it by Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin.
What's worse, this agreement does nothing to resolve the real problem in Syria, which is the underlying conflict that has killed 110,000 people, driven millions from their homes, destabilized our friends and allies in the region, emboldened Iran and its terrorist proxies, and become a safe haven for thousands of al-Qaeda affiliated extremists. Is the message of this agreement that Assad is now our negotiating partner, and that he can go on slaughtering innocent civilians and destabilizing the Middle East using every tool of warfare, so long as he does not use chemical weapons? That is morally and strategically indefensible.

Don't Trust Putin and Lavrov

US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, unveiled their six-point plan for the Syrian regime, after three days of negotiations, to divest itself of its chemical weapons. 
But General Salim Idriss, Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, accused Russia and Bashar al-Assad's government of "playing games", and urged the international community not to leave Syria "alone"

 Don't Trust Putin and Lavrov they are the partners of criminal Assad, killing Syrian people!

UN Chief Wails

unsc divide every single resolutions.... even humanitarian... he says  

No Teeth IN

No military action no sanction at unsc, Russia veto anything against criminal Assad! Absolutely  meaningless, world let criminal Assad killing his people while Russia sit unsc veto to protect him for his crime!  

World Idle While 100,000 People Were Killed

Syria crisis: UN report will show chemical weapons were used, secretary-general Ban Ki-moon says

United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon says he believes chemical weapons experts will confirm that poison gas was used in the massacre in Damascus last month which killed more than 1,400 people, including hundreds of children.
In apparently candid comments made during a meeting at the UN headquarters, Mr Ban did not say whether Bashar al-Assad's forces were responsible for the August 21 attack, but did say Syria's president has committed many crimes against humanity. 
 keep reading 
Russia outmaneuver US, they want bidding times, you can signed everything but knowing Russia  would say to criminal .Assad as long as covering up ( no one able to get into Syria)  we will cover you up unsc so you will be safe, which Russia did it few weeks ago, they insisting evidence of chemical  weapon is used by Assad. They nit picking every word they argued.   This chemical weapon, they will move around their strategic positions as a lever, and also if through this deal they try to tidy up US hand by no military strike and unsc charter 7 Russia will block by veto, then there is no teeth in any kind of agreement. The world illusion Syrian issues is solved by unsc. no more say unsc. Also UN chief wails unsc divide ineffectual anything Syrian issues. The problems US unwillingness and Russia veto two difference side same coin. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lie Lie Lie

Now, they are saying, criminal Assad signed or joined something,  that doesn't mean he can keep his promises, Putin knows, disarming chemical weapon taking for years years, experts say. Putin and Assad avoid US military strike, that is all. Assad afraid of US  destroys  his air power, which is only thing Assad able to upper-hand. Putin and Assad will stuffing things around fooling around  US that is for sure! Still criminal Assad killing Syrian people....Syria will be gone with dust.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Putin's Profound Resentment Embitterment Jealousy

My night time story same as this 

Russia's fouls play

Every step US try to move, Russia outmaneuvers whole situation, it is a good team work by Russia, Iran and criminal Assad. They stick into same line consist with ..." international law, unsc...terrorists..." all but bullshits lies but they believe their own lies are true... Syrian people are victim of Russia's  fouls play....But precisely that attitude of Russia will be forever ever a loser, never will be international leader, hijacking unsc and blackmailing international community and demanding ransom  "...if you don;t do my way... I will do this and that..." And as soon as US withdrew or hold off, the Congress approval military strike, Putin wrote an embittered article-New York Time--expression of his profound grief stricken wordings how the world misunderstood his kind intention and world biggest chemical stockpile owner criminal Assad's innocence, he wail and forget mentioned Russia supplies all these things to Assad for slaughtering Syrian people, he wails: how he cares about world and innocence Syrian people... how he envy and deep resentment of US cobbling international community and swaggering bullying around its military power.... ! Putin is saying he would dearly like do that by himself but he can not do that because U.S, so he only drive U.S around bend at unsc, under its skin....his sorrow embitterment louder and clear truly... so U.S is very annoyed by ( remember Yankee is the Bully Swagger) they don't like other people telling them " they are not "EXCEPTIONAL" that is for sure! So President Obama gets overwhelming  approval from the Congress! end of my bed time story!

Update: The World should deeply care about Syrian people's suffering! How the world let this happen?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Russia Initiative is Impossible Impractical

Russia's  proposal of criminal Assad hand over chemical weapon not practical not possible as:
1) Russia bring into US  re: Syrian issue unsc(hostaged by Russia  persistent vegetative state) where only Russia played its veto game, Assad knows this very well.
2) This effectively US lured into and  stops military action threat, so the threat and its urgency is removed by
3) Now Russia -no hurry - take time game begin, nit picking tactics, "...I want this and that, ... this wordings.... making criminal non-criminal -- denial denial blame blame ...on and on on....can be take years or months...
4) While Assad slaughtering Syrian people and drive whole population either out and killed as world watching...
5) Assad playing game by..." this chemicals are  too dangerous move this, touch this ... and that... inspector can not get in because security reason... this and that .... etc.... take another years years... he would be still there...that is what Russia wants
6) Extremists take over a biggest part of Syria--- etc
7) Refugee all around places... over flow over flooded
8) Middle east become middle of mess heck of " you name on them....whatever you like..." place!

Russia no incentive of solving Syrian problems  but they want let Assad carry on finishes  his job under unsc --- disguised  as dismantling chemicals weapon for years years.

Playing Game

Russia knows this and they played a simple game . Last few weeks Russia et al  made all sort  propaganda and threats have been made, made sure American people against the strikes, time factors. They feel safe enough pushed another button and  it bring to unsc--which is useless effortless...give  Russia upper hand again- demands this and that...drag on-- world watching, bit of huffing puffing...nit picking, Russia gets time  and US become a war weary tired anxious international laughingstock! Need deep breath.... relax... relax... not drag on Russian time-game!

Grumbling Update:  Surely the powerful US Congress don;t want their US become an international buffoon, because its division--it is simply played by Russia. If the Congress's support was ensured, US or President Obama had marvelous position... But not too late... Stick into same line same timeline same not this and that but 1) criminal Assad admit stockpile chemical weapon, 2) He gassed Syrian people August 21, 3) He must surrender them within next few days, 4) Obama ask the Congress approval, ---already Russia know that they have plenty of time fooling around -time factor, 4) The Congress must give Ok, the military action in ready 5) Take it or leave it....

Mind Game

Russia and criminal Assad complete manipulating to US et al. They know US et al weakness they simply push button US et al, and mind game. Without US consistency  and without single minded to push its agenda  Russia and Assad play simple mind game.  Russia will drive US  around bend ... make US an international laughingstock!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Without credible force credible  diplomacy gone with wind, and then U.S will be the international laughingstock, we are dealing with criminal wheeler dealers they are not take any serious but interfering the  Congress decision. President Obama need the Congress absolute support! The powerful Congress should not swayed by manipulated by criminals' feeble maneuvering! The powerful Congress generous support to their president and send powerful message to the world and its enemy!

U.S Congress Must Approval Military Strike


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Syrian chemical weapons handover plan will only work if United States rejects the use of force, Reuters reports.
"It all makes sense and can work if the US side and all those who support it renounce the use of force," he said according to Russian television.
this comes after news out of Washington DC that Obama would continue to press Congress to approve military intervention in Syria. The US has also said they will consider the Russian initiative but that the pressure of an intervention is essential to bring the Syrian regime to the negotiating table.
Putin is blackmailing the world again, he hijacks unsc now stockpile Syrian chemical weapon and demand ransom --telling U.S what to do!  His intention of Syrian chemical initiative, try to control U.S. Please U.S you don;t listen liars!   Putin  just stuffing things around, bidding time, try to stop U,S Congress approve, and undermining U.S  and President Obama! U.S do not believe what Russia saying Putin is trying to  make the U.S laughingstock  and undermining credibility!

Update: So we know now Putin is not only lied to the world but he always has known and encouraging criminal Assad his chemical weapon and used Syrian people!



Fast-moving announcements coming from several capitals today. Now Syria has officially accepted the Russian proposal, Reuters reports, citing Russia's Interfax news agency.
"We held a very fruitful round of talks with Foreign
Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday, and he proposed an initiative
relating to chemical weapons. And in the evening we agreed to he
Russian initiative," Interfax quoted (foreign) minister, Walid
al-Moualem, as telling the speaker of Russia's lower house
parliament house in Moscow. 
He said Syria had agreed because this would "remove the
grounds for American aggression," the report said.
Why Russian initiative? 1) it must be U.S's  terms and 2) No Russian's veto  re: this matter unsc 3) it must be immediately, today 4) U.S Congress  approval the military strike!  5) Do Not trust Russia and criminal Assad!  They are bidding time again!

World Biggest Illusions

1)Criminal Assad surrender his chimerical weapon.
2) Assad is telling the truth
3) Russia will  do something good for the world
4) Russian is telling the true
5)Syrian problems can be  solved within unsc
6) Assad come to the peace conference table
7) Criminal Assad is a  president of Syria

Monday, September 9, 2013

Impractical Impossible Russia Suggestion

Impractical Impossible Russia's Suggestion-Lair! 

But give criminal one week only! US is most the powerful nation in the earth, no more a  brainless zombie unsc, terrorizing million of Syrian people!

Don't Belive - But Give One Week To Surrender


More lines are coming in regarding Russia's proposal to Lavrov. Russian agency RIA quotes him as saying:
We call on the Syrian administration to not only to strike an agreement on where chemical weapons will be stored under international control, but to subsequently destroy and also to become a full member of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
How many sites stockpile of chemical weapons? Do you really believed what criminal Assad and Russian saying? Assad give up all his lovely CW? Please don't be naive! He is lying, try to avoid this momentarily urgent strike,-  Russia try to be powerful, because of about the strike take place outside of UN security council that make Russia no power,    In any case, give Assad a week  -- within a week, he must surrender everything within a week, no more then that, waste of time. You see how important that  the US Congress authorization for the strike!!!???! The Strikes must on please as planned, no negotiation with the criminal, but ultimate... give the criminal  no space of time to breath...Must surrender everything single stockpile... within one week! Also the World must support the US Military action! 

Reward is Greater Than Risk

Peter Singer: A moral case for intervention?

"War is always, should be always the last resort and the question is whether that is really the case here. And there's a further question that you always have to ask and that is: Will the consequences of going to war be better than the alternatives? You could say if the evidence is compelling ... that the Assad regime used chemical weapons - then you might say there's no other way of preventing him doing that again ... other than showing him that there are very serious consequences, which really means going to war in some way with him.
And I think there is a good argument for saying that we have a ban on the use of chemical weapons and if that ban is to mean something then people who violate it have to feel the consequences. But the question is: Can the consequences be limited to Assad and his regime or are they also going to affect other people who are innocent of the use of chemical weapons and who will be affected by the strikes ...? So that's the real danger." 
Peter Singer, philosopher
When we make decisions we can not make a perfect decisions 100%, but nature of our decisions always have risks, but the Reward vs Risk = Reward is a greater than Risk we go for It!



US Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking at press conference in London with British foreign secretary William Hague, says that he saw anti-war protestors in London as he arrived to meeting this morning and that he heard them say, "Hands-off Syria". He says he understands their concern but respond " 

"I think it would be good to hear people saying to a dictator, --- 

From hereafter the world should demonstrate against criminal dictators who gasses their own people!!! Also people who against strike criminal Assad should know this strikes may be highest possibility -- it is probably the best option for -- like to be bring balance of power to Syrian people who against criminal Assad, that may lead to ending the  killings! Don;t believed pack of wolf theme song of peace  from Russia ---who are a master of  criminal Assad--- they don;t have any incentive for ending this Syrian people suffering, but they are the beneficiary of Syrian people blood!  ALSO  remember this revolution was peaceful, but this condemned criminal Assad inhumanly brutally crack down peaceful demonstrators  and tun into a biggest calamity in this century!