Thursday, September 12, 2013

Russia's fouls play

Every step US try to move, Russia outmaneuvers whole situation, it is a good team work by Russia, Iran and criminal Assad. They stick into same line consist with ..." international law, unsc...terrorists..." all but bullshits lies but they believe their own lies are true... Syrian people are victim of Russia's  fouls play....But precisely that attitude of Russia will be forever ever a loser, never will be international leader, hijacking unsc and blackmailing international community and demanding ransom  "...if you don;t do my way... I will do this and that..." And as soon as US withdrew or hold off, the Congress approval military strike, Putin wrote an embittered article-New York Time--expression of his profound grief stricken wordings how the world misunderstood his kind intention and world biggest chemical stockpile owner criminal Assad's innocence, he wail and forget mentioned Russia supplies all these things to Assad for slaughtering Syrian people, he wails: how he cares about world and innocence Syrian people... how he envy and deep resentment of US cobbling international community and swaggering bullying around its military power.... ! Putin is saying he would dearly like do that by himself but he can not do that because U.S, so he only drive U.S around bend at unsc, under its skin....his sorrow embitterment louder and clear truly... so U.S is very annoyed by ( remember Yankee is the Bully Swagger) they don't like other people telling them " they are not "EXCEPTIONAL" that is for sure! So President Obama gets overwhelming  approval from the Congress! end of my bed time story!

Update: The World should deeply care about Syrian people's suffering! How the world let this happen?