Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Playing Game

Russia knows this and they played a simple game . Last few weeks Russia et al  made all sort  propaganda and threats have been made, made sure American people against the strikes, time factors. They feel safe enough pushed another button and  it bring to unsc--which is useless effortless...give  Russia upper hand again- demands this and that...drag on-- world watching, bit of huffing puffing...nit picking, Russia gets time  and US become a war weary tired anxious international laughingstock! Need deep breath.... relax... relax... not drag on Russian time-game!

Grumbling Update:  Surely the powerful US Congress don;t want their US become an international buffoon, because its division--it is simply played by Russia. If the Congress's support was ensured, US or President Obama had marvelous position... But not too late... Stick into same line same timeline same not this and that but 1) criminal Assad admit stockpile chemical weapon, 2) He gassed Syrian people August 21, 3) He must surrender them within next few days, 4) Obama ask the Congress approval, ---already Russia know that they have plenty of time fooling around -time factor, 4) The Congress must give Ok, the military action in ready 5) Take it or leave it....