Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Death Of unsc


Strong words for the US from Vladimir Putin in his AP interview this morning - he insists that the US must go through the United Nations regarding military action in Syria, and that "convincing" evidence must be provided to the UN Security Council. 
He has said that it would be  "absolutely absurd" for the Syrian government to have carried out the alleged chemical attacks on August 21, given its recent military ascendence in the conflict, but would not rule out supporting UN-mandated military action against the country if it was proved to have used poison gas.
You can find details on all that and more in our brand-new news story, hot off the presses.
Russia pretty desperate try to stop US strike without unsc, where they veto three times along with China, where they can have bit of muscles stretched so far, but now  about US make them pretty useless brainless dead body of dinosaur it would belong to somewhere in a junk-shop! A great retaliation, you know  what is comes around what goes around! Another things, if this go to unsc and they will ask evidences, which they never satisfied make it all sort of excuses, also considering intelligent, classified information US et al can not be published... more than 100,000 people were killed and  quarter of populations is  refugees, criminal Assad doesn't care, whether CW or other mean as long as Russia cover him up he thought he could win use CW  blackmailing international community.  US  not put up with it. Russia no bargain power anymore because unsc is useless brainless powerless moral bigot, it is time put the unsc to death!

The below are how criminal Assad kills his own people either gases them or bomb them or by any mean and so far unsc fold their arm do nothing.... hoping unsc gone with their bully bigotry forever!
Chemical Attack 
Criminal Assad  school attack 

Update: the other day German Chancellor warned, Russia should responsible manner re; Syrian issue, otherwise degrading UN power, where it should be stand, but  the unsc 5 permanent members, using it as their political battle ground for their own gain instead of its charter. Russia continuously supplying weapons to criminal Assad while thousands of people were gassed.... unsc deserve powerless braininess dead zombie to put the death! No more veto for Syrian people! Russia thinking is still from cold war!