Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bombs to Dam


Activists claim that Syrian fighter jets have dropped bombs near Tabqa Dam in the rebel-controlled northeastern Raqqa province. The dam, on the Euphrates River, is the largest in the country and one of the most important sources of electricity.
“One of shells hit the fence of the dam, only 15 metres away from the floodgates,” an activist in Raqqa said in a video while filmed touring the area. “Had gates been hit, all of the surrounding villages would have been flooded.”
The opposition Syrian National Coalition says the attack on the dam was a “dangerous precedent” that “poses a significant threat to millions of Syrians across the country, and in particular those residing in the eastern provinces”.
The Tabqa Dam, which was captured by rebels last February, provides electricity to areas that are both in rebel and loyalist hands.
It was built more than 40 years ago with Russian help. 
“Ironically, Russian-made shells hit Russian-made dam,” the Raqqa activist said.
Unbelievable, gassed bombed and flooded... you name it them... destroy and killing Syrian people... world sing song peace song.... unbelievable...