Tuesday, September 10, 2013

U.S Congress Must Approval Military Strike


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Syrian chemical weapons handover plan will only work if United States rejects the use of force, Reuters reports.
"It all makes sense and can work if the US side and all those who support it renounce the use of force," he said according to Russian television.
this comes after news out of Washington DC that Obama would continue to press Congress to approve military intervention in Syria. The US has also said they will consider the Russian initiative but that the pressure of an intervention is essential to bring the Syrian regime to the negotiating table.
Putin is blackmailing the world again, he hijacks unsc now stockpile Syrian chemical weapon and demand ransom --telling U.S what to do!  His intention of Syrian chemical initiative, try to control U.S. Please U.S you don;t listen liars!   Putin  just stuffing things around, bidding time, try to stop U,S Congress approve, and undermining U.S  and President Obama! U.S do not believe what Russia saying Putin is trying to  make the U.S laughingstock  and undermining credibility!

Update: So we know now Putin is not only lied to the world but he always has known and encouraging criminal Assad his chemical weapon and used Syrian people!