Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"They Are All Listening For Our Silence."


John Kerry said early in the piece that the eyes of the world were on the Senate foreign relations committee. It's possible a few of them may have drifted elsewhere by now but nevertheless, here's the first narrative from AFP news agency:
Failure by the United States to take military action against Syria would send a dangerous signal to Iran, Hezbollah and other US foes, secretary of state John Kerry said on Tuesday.
"Iran is hoping you look the other way," Kerry told politicians as he made the case for Congress to endorse punitive US strikes against the Syrian regime over its suspected use of chemical weapons.
"Our inaction would surely give them (Iran) a permission slip for them to at least misinterpret our intention, if not to put it to the test," Kerry told the Senate foreign relations committee. Hezbollah militants in Lebanon are "hoping that isolationism will prevail" and "North Korea is hoping that ambivalence carries the day," he said. "They are all listening for our silence."