Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Russia Initiative is Impossible Impractical

Russia's  proposal of criminal Assad hand over chemical weapon not practical not possible as:
1) Russia bring into US  re: Syrian issue unsc(hostaged by Russia  persistent vegetative state) where only Russia played its veto game, Assad knows this very well.
2) This effectively US lured into and  stops military action threat, so the threat and its urgency is removed by
3) Now Russia -no hurry - take time game begin, nit picking tactics, "...I want this and that, ... this wordings.... making criminal non-criminal -- denial denial blame blame ...on and on on....can be take years or months...
4) While Assad slaughtering Syrian people and drive whole population either out and killed as world watching...
5) Assad playing game by..." this chemicals are  too dangerous move this, touch this ... and that... inspector can not get in because security reason... this and that .... etc.... take another years years... he would be still there...that is what Russia wants
6) Extremists take over a biggest part of Syria--- etc
7) Refugee all around places... over flow over flooded
8) Middle east become middle of mess heck of " you name on them....whatever you like..." place!

Russia no incentive of solving Syrian problems  but they want let Assad carry on finishes  his job under unsc --- disguised  as dismantling chemicals weapon for years years.