Friday, September 6, 2013

US Congress Powerful Message To The World

G20 there is majority consensus  99% leaders agree criminal Assad used criminal, these countries not in the signatory of the Statement not necessary disagree the Statement. They all know because of  Russia hostage unsc, and demand the world should do Russian way, now it appears that  Russia also supplied chemical weapon  to criminal Assad along other weapons and ransom demand world  should  do Russian way. So death of unsc now the world should establish  another authority that overruled  excluding Russia,  Get around Russia, doing this US Congress should OK to their Prescient that makes not only US superpower send message to its enemies but also so that US give Mr Obama powerful and  flexible of  maneuvering all the odds and achieve the best outcome, that is ultimately best interest of  US. President Obama  should actively persuasively tell US what he stands for what US stands for! I think US appreciate that his appeal to his people!  Democracy ultimately prevail!