Monday, September 23, 2013

Military Strikes - Credible Force Credible Result

"We know that these terrorists are obeying the orders of other countries and these countries do drive these terrorists to commit acts that could get the Syrian government blamed for hindering this agreement," Assad said in the interview.

We already know that Assad using CW as a lever stuff things around. Now  he move around CW for  his strategic position, use it as lever for his survival.   Demaces to Homs to Latakia along coastline.

Military strikes must on the table for incentive for the criminal Assad not stuffing things around  and Russia. Without military strikes on the table for the disarmament CW will be failed!  President Obama should be the Thug- the Bully, then why should he care about feeble nobody criminal Assad?   As much as Obama try to solve it diplomatically but  it didn't work so far, unsc won;t solved the problems.... while so many people are killed by this appalling  criminal daily, the world focus on this criminal lies.