Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World Leaders Should Against the unsc ...5 members

Speaking in the UN General Assembly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said thatRussia has enough evidence to assert that homemade sarin was used on August 21 in a
chemical attack near Damascus, according to a report by Russian news outlets RT:

“The reports by the journalists who visited the sites,
who talked to the combatants, combatants telling the journalists that they were
given some unusual rockets and munitions by some foreign country and they
didn’t know how to use them. You have also the evidence from the nuns serving
in a monastery nearby who visited the site. You can read the evidence and the
assessments by the chemical weapons experts who say that the images shown do
not correspond to a real situation if chemical weapons were used. And we also
know about an open letter sent to President Obama by former operatives of the
CIA and the Pentagon saying that the assertion that it was the government that
used the chemical weapons was a fake.”

Russian sings criminal Assad evil song sheet, inside locked doors, fabricated criminal Assad evil crime  Russian sings delightfully, scores of 100,000 Syrian people life their  blood, their  agony, millions of children lost future.  The nun would be criminal Assad’s wife … a nun yes criminal’s pretty fake Christian nun can do everything.  Assad has no faith but his own family, he using everyone for his own family survival,  Russia stands by it… the world leaders should rise against the permanent unsc 5 membership, as their vetos are for their own interests,  nothing to do the world peace and security.   Why the permanent 5 member control 197 other countries? Why Russia stands for the killer who killed 100,000 people and drive millions of them out from their own country? The world leaders should against the unsc, as it lost its merit of custodian of world peach and security,   but 5 permanent members are bigots,  they killed more than 100,000 Syrian people they should responsibility for their death! Hitler gassed 6 million Jews at gas chambers, criminal Assad will kill 6 million Syrian people mass starvation affiliation with the unsc vetos!
The world leaders must stand up against the 5 permanent members and reform the bigotry spiritless unsc!