Saturday, June 30, 2012

Futile Imperious

Wonder why we need UN after all! for what?
Unequal bargaining all we get from the Geneva meeting!  Make both parties have  an equal bargaining power without it Annan plan is green light to the perpetrators! They make it as if the Oppositions and perpetrator regime same bargaining power! There is open end there nothing concrete, to be frank Anan is ego mongering sake of his own infertile peace of pieces plan. Are they any details things follow or what?     

 RE: Geneva Meeting

Everyone talking meaningless eloquence, that is their job to be meaningless eloquence, to craft impudent air seem to polite!  Seem to me they are all logical, rational and unemotional and objective that make them successful deal breaker? 


Well the airbase belong to the Syrian people, the not criminal regime, FSA is  Syrian people's army so   you have right take whatever you like! 

1) Airbases

2) Tanks





British Foreign Secretary William Hague called on Saturday for the United Nations Security Council to start drafting a resolution next week setting out
sanctions against Syria.
Hague, in a speech to a ministerial meeting in Geneva, obtained by Reuters, also said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his close associates could not lead a transition.
Accountability for crimes must be part of such a process, he said.
"The steps that we agree today and here I disagree with my (Russian) colleague Sergei Lavrov, will require swift endorsement from the UN Security Council in the form of a Chapter VII Resolution.
Without that and the prospect of penalties for non-compliance, there can be little credible pressure on the Syrian regime and other parties to change course," Hague said.


European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is hopeful that crisis talks on Syria will reach a good solution, she told reporters as the meeting broke for lunch after a first two hour-session on Saturday.
When asked if he was optimistic, another participant, Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, said: "Yes".


International envoy Kofi Annan warned world powers Saturday they would be partly responsible for further deaths of Syrians if they fail to agree on how to end the violence there.
"It is the Syrian people who will be the greatest victims, and their deaths will be the consequence of not only the acts of killers on the ground but also your inability to bridge the divisions between you," he told foreign ministers while opening the crisis meeting in Geneva.

So far so good…, they have a nice room with beautiful surroundings, virtuous graceful vultures, sumptuously feasting mastery power; power is good it can be beautiful too!    While Syria people under shelters concrete or under the perpetrator’s menace shelling! How long we can see the meeting result?  I am tired and go to bed now, read the meeting progression through my tablet!  


Friday, June 29, 2012


Benevolence is a gift of humanity that is more powerful than millions tanks!
Beauty is the chief that command people’s heart!
We love beauty and surrender!
Beauty is not fettered, is not veiled but free like a face of spring on the earth!
We shall not bend by unbidden terror unbidden repression
Our freedom our birth right no one shall above us, beneath us!
Our dignity is our guidance that make us magnificent and reconciles
We shall marvel!  Here comes grace!  Here comes beauty!  
Medallion of brilliance!  Prevailing grace! 


Do you think we shall send the powerful leaders of Geneva meeting to the Auschwitz camp for a day and a clock turn back at 1940s?  That way they can get feel a fire on their hot seats!  

You can think of how any human being could killed helpless little children and carried out massacre after massacre, Assad is  the perpetrator of the Syrian people and Syria, the perpetrator doesn’t know how to solve problems but his solution is massacre and atrocity!  With him there is no peace no reconciles he must go! This is world problems not only Syrian problems alone!   


 Three main things we want from  the Geneva meeting:

1)      Remove the perpetrator Assad (few of his close allies) first and start the unity reconciliation.   With the perpetrator Assad there is no point have this meeting.
2)      Both side people involved in; without genders sects and religions participates the reconciliation new Syrian building.
3)      Must armed military observers (say 50,000) international community provided to Syria until settle down and lots civilians specialists from international community who able to assists that new Syrian building project.  


This is another point Russia consider, the perpetrator assad force to military killing their own people! that is not their duty, their duty protect them not kill them well than we know without the military support he has not future!  


Hillary and Sergey Dialog in  Geneva

Hillary: hey Sergey be bend!

Sergey:  well I am bending already haven’t you not see me yet?

Hillary: Nap you are mop of knob!
Sergey: well you are poker of knocker!   


British Foreign Minister William Hague urged Russia and China to agree with Western powers on a political transition plan for Syria at a crisis meeting on Saturday but said the talks would be very difficult."There is an opportunity for the international community to be much stronger and act more robustly but we can only do it with the agreement of Russia and China," he told reporters as he arrived for the talks at the United Nations in Geneva
It they don’t reached agreement remove Assad at the meeting that would immense catastrophic consequence, innocence Syrian would suffer, the perpetrator Assad he is the problem, remove him that is cost effective problem solving, without remove him there is no solution! Sooner or later he won’t be there why Russia insists?  Take their certain position they should agree with to remove the expired despot.


A huge congregation to the great people of  Egypt, the next is  to the great people of Syria too!

Very nice indeed!   

Cost of change Syria

Another thing Geneva meeting they should consider, Russia may argue the immediate  cost of rebuilding Syria, therefore Russia argues that let it as it is that would be cheaper  than fixing it,  that is immensely wrong as: i)  Syria is deadly sick, if she is not put the emergency room and let  skilled surgeon’s knife in either she would die or she would be paralyzed, without it how  she can heal and recovery? ii) Syria is very young country her median age  22 years.  Also very high literacy and high birth rates  that mean very rich  human resources for the future generation which not many country have that.   So even if immediate cost of change can be a huge but because of her capacity or her ability able to meet their obligation that would be no problems.  I think World Bank they knows better re;this issue.  It is much -in every aspects- greatly cheaper than its paralysis. Also we should consider ripple  effect on around region and  world as well.  Economy is still recovering. 

Syria Belongs to Syrian People

I mean frankly Syria is not belong to criminal Assad family exclusively but she belong to Syrian people. Simplest terms criminal Assad family should return Syria where she should be, her rightful places and to her rightful owners!  We international community is witness of where she should go! Where she should belong to! we international community right to intervene, sake of peace and security- Syrian people is rightful owner of Syria  and criminal Assad family  must surrender their  unlawful ownership!

Criminal Assad problems Solving

Unbelievable suffering of Syrian people, this is how criminal Assad his knowing only how to solve  problems; massacre, atrocity,  the below is link you can see another massacre, it is too gruesome!

you know tomorrow Geneva meeting well… how long this world is just sit there  and watching this, the world have every right to intervene, this is not Syrian problem anymore, not internal Syrian problems anymore  but world problems also he lost as he is criminal also he only know how to kill people he doesn’t know any another way or he want to cling on his pitiful life because he is so stupid, why the world has to put up with this rubbish human being! Yes I call criminal is rubbish! 


We demand a comprehensive prohibition of aerial flight Assad We demand a comprehensive prohibition of Assad aerial flight

That is a Russian  made chopper – killing innocence people!  


DAEL (28/06/2012): The funeral of yesterday's martyrs in the town of Dael, Daraa province. At least 107 martyrs fell yesterday, 19 of them children and today is another bloody day - at least 66 martyrs recorded so far, mostly in Duma, Homs and Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, the latest bomb in Damascus exploded in the car park of the Palace of Justice in the city centre. State media says 3 people were injured.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Criminal Assad Must Go First

But Lavrov said in Moscow that a transitional period is "necessary for settling the Syrian crisis and establishing stable and generally acceptable rules and norms, which will satisfy all the Syrian groups."

No more Annan plane gives the criminal killing more people or use it as his survival tool, so far Annan plan was sheltering  him and carried out kills more people, so Russian and criminal loves Annan plane, if gives a translational period, that give him more crack down that would fiasco in that region, no more drag on, while Russian selling more arms to criminal that kills more people and more suppression. Precise and decisive plan, remove criminal first and  start transition, not before, there is no norms there is  no rules under the criminal but only tyranny  violence,   police state tyrannical  repression have been for more four decade that is why people uprising. If there is norms and rules this revolution never have happen and never have been so grave atrocities committed by criminal regime. With him there is not stable, his criminal rules and norms should be buried  forever with him and start and establish true Syrian people’s rules and norms.  Everything what Russia and the criminal have been saying is a huge fabrication, this upraising has been peaceful but instead criminal accepted people’s demand, he deployed heavily armed military and his thugs  carried out massive atrocity, so  military personal are refusing to shoot their own people so defect and take up arms protect them instead killing. This is the criminal Assad  wrong doing he committed crime against his own people  and mess destructions his own countries he is the perpetrator, he must go first!

Update: Only because of criminal because of him this killing continues when he is removed that is end that is clean, costless and  effective, anything other than that would be messy and unappreciable!   

Update:   His father steal Syria from her people and give to his son,   as an inheritance which is unlawful, now people want their Syria back to them which is fair enough.   Criminal can not accept people want their Syria back to them so he called them Assad ‘terrorists'  and vows to 'annihilate terrorists'. Well he has to annihilate about 22 millions populations, he knows how solve Syrian problem is that “ killing off”. He should remember he never ever have been choice by the people.  Now people want to their Syria back!

A general defection! Welcome! Heroes land!  

Time Comes

Well finely Russia come to sense after NATO hold hand with Turkey firmly, can see if Russia not too careful they lose all together, so it is sensible to see least they try to preserve some position in Syria or middle east, or actually it can be US allies can get around without go through UNSC, make Russia no position re: Syria but also obviously Russia heavily focus on  middle east last decade, where large part of oil rich countries are Sunnis -   they can not afford not to  agree to change criminal regime. What option they have, the Opposition is getting really strong and high moral, eyes of the world they are the heroes and true legitimate army to protect  Syrian people and Syria, criminal army is criminal personal army! There is no justification of all the atrocities have been carried by his order!  He is belong to all the criminal mess killers in the history. But it “… Annan made clear it was "vital that (any) settlement (be) irreversible, (with) clear transition steps in fixed timeline," but also if necessary forcible by force(armed UN etc or NATO)… not helpless the current observes mission on the ground, I can not believed any military personal with mission without their arms, like birds without wings!   

"It could comprise present government members, opposition and others, but would need to exclude those whose continued participation or presence would jeopardize the transition's credibility, or harm prospects for reconciliation and stability."
Yes the incredible  charismatic  leadership we have seen;  activists and Free Syrian Army risk their life, channeling what is going on the ground and  for gathering and gearing up for the  people for  demonstrations, organized and fighting against criminal army all but irrefutable gusty leaderships they have shown and possessed,  well they can move any mountains for sure, I believed that future  Syrian is very bright becase these proud leaderships and brave people! After this revolution Syrian people become formidable citizen of world, immense contribution to the world, young valiant they have learned vital lessons through their immense suffering and hardship  which other people same generation around world lack of. ( I underlined) 

UPDATE:  Before the Geneva Saturday meeting I think the revolutionary blow up few more criminal control area and more stormy heroic defects that encourage Russia  do more easy to deiced which  side has their bread and butter, surely dead criminal Assad not provide a spot for foot into the middle east  for sure! Also Turkey hot blooded wrath of tormentors deploy in the boarder areas that help too!  Flanking flicking muscle and hold hand with NATO!! You can imagine if your jet shot down what would you do!

(Reuters) - A Turkish military convoy including anti-aircraft missiles left a base near the Syrian border on Thursday and headed for a Turkish province housing a large camp for Syrian refugees, local agencies said.

Media walkytalky frenzy about Russia is deserting criminal assad! Hooray!  

Update: I think the hotshot in the Geneva meeting they don’t have much option now but bring forward end this atrocity by supporting  the Revolutionary and remove criminal Assad.  What option they have now. the opposition will not accept the criminal  at Syrian soil in alive, they are empowered, high moral they know they are gearing up right side fence for mood change - for protecting people and  Syria-  while criminal side soldiers are it seemed to low moral.  So at the Geneva meeting the powerful leaders should do right- well right thing? Yes eyes of the Syrian people - as so many people is being killed every single day, Russia simply understand that they can not stand by the loser criminal, also now it appears that it may be it can be solved it without Russia involved in, of course much easier if they agree but…

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yes investigation is good but how about some effectiveness – i.e. officially declare that the  “criminal assad” rebel him! I said that long ago, I know he is a criminal without any investigation, the reason of my skepticism  so far is  result of NUN!  I could not believe, so many innocence   people are being killed and we the world hopeless is watching and counting death toll  innocence people only! I don’t want to be unkind! When you looking at the above  map actually is not a village but relatively packed small town where all these houses were close approximate. Even if anyone see the actual killing or  no evidence,  except 10 years young boy witness said that “ criminal thugs” but  distant tells criminal army based both site very close, I don’t even think of the Opposition has done this to their own kind. So don’t even try to say they did it because they try to provoke world but I don’t think so… with that distant their firepower at the time criminal army-thugs could only carried out that massacre! there is also so many similar patten.  When you looking at the very tended field it can very peaceful nice town – quite amazing that kind town carried out that atrocity!

Update: At the time also there is heavy armed vehicle marks, the approx distant, between these  areas -where massacred was occurred -   two side army based, criminal army firepower at the time easily overpowering the Opposition, also they easy to access the roads, it is impossible to see  the Opposition carried out that massacre without knowing criminal side,  at the time firepower of the Oppositions has  no possibilities  whatsoever. Also they can not afford that kind risk of they stand for! Why should they? They may not angel but the  revolutionaries are honourable!

Wrath Of Torment

Turkey Warns Syria Away From Its Border

Turkey warned Syria on Tuesday to keep its forces away from the countries' troubled border or risk an armed response — a furious reply to the downing of a Turkish military plane last week by the Damascus regime.
 I am not so sure what is this mean, “ …stay away from the boarder…”  anyway, clearly criminal Assad regime deliberately the shot down, I mean when you looking at the map, you can not miss, not noticing Turkey’s jet, criminal regime has intentionally  shot down the fighter jet, and they excuse, yes Turkey made wise decisions not declare military action but “ …stay away from the boarder…”   mean they are creating safe zone? I am not sure but Turkey should not give it  away anything in terms of solving Syrian internal problems for taking leverage of this,  there is beneficial, Truckie has been very shrewed in many ways in Middle East geopolitics last 20 or years, has been in succuss story,   definitely Tuckey  has a vision being in right side…. Supporting the Syrian revolutionary …. In a way indirectly NATO behind Syrian people we can say that… now!  Continually “..wrath of torment  criminal  Assad regimen…” you can imagine if anyone shot down my jet I will well you know well  I will calling “ hell of wrath, hellish curses on my enemies until  dead….” For sure!


Ghalioun told Al-Jazeera TV that the areas he visited in Idlib province are ruling themselves, without any regime presence.
Ghalioun, former head of the Iraqi National Council, did not say when he entered or left Syria.
"I went to see the war that the Syrian regime is staging," Ghalioun said. "The regime continues to shell and kill." Ghalioun said he spoke with wounded Syrians including some who lost limbs and others who were paralyzed.
He added that he was able to drive about freely and that "part of the country is liberated."
Wow then why not  make it there as a safe zone all the wounded people all the defectors and all the Syrian go over there  and Free Syrian Army protected them… so that less causality... 


Lots of warning went on but I am not sure what is on… yes if Turkey engaging war with Syria that would  evoke Syrian people national feeling, you see Syria is Syria and Turkey,  criminal army would fight with Turkey… all but messy scenario… that would be bit of tricky situations of the Revolutionary carried out their uprising.    Turkey creates bit wider boarder for FSA- can be called a area safe zone for the FSA, may be able to make their base there! Lots of supplies rolling into…actually when I looking into the FSA personal they are  looking really good healthy  shape so they are must right… you know I am not a war monger but seeing incredibly gruesome inhumane  killing carried out by criminal thugs, there should be justices…a huge punishment, so many sad story children unbearable suffering when all this end there are should be recognition of all their suffering!    

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stormy of freedom feet are running across victorious soil

Syrian activists in the outskirts of Aleppo say that 280 soldiers defected in Idlib near the main highway leading to Aleppo,  on  Tuesday.They said there were clashes between the defectors and the Syrian army and that one helicopter had been shot down and six tanks destroyed.
I love counting this stormy freedom feet numbers instead dead people!!  running flying wheeling driving back knifing, bombing killing defecting attacking  - we are wining strike!     

Turkey tells Syria the rules have changed

Erdogan said as much as Turkey's friendship was valuable, Turkey's "wrath is as much violent and crushing".
He said: "We will continue to be a burning torment for circles who have adopted a hostile attitude toward Turkey."

Wow you wouldn’t make enemy of Turkey either, gee every hotshots are boiling their blood for explosion! Gee every hotshots are boiling their blood for explosion! Turkey was one of UN military  came to Korea for Korean War, all in our  history textbook!   Assad is dead now!

____________________   here you can see so much suffering and so gruesome inhuman  act of violent in here!

May be a Chance of God Given

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Amazing Stuff

Days after a Syrian fighter pilot defected with his MiG-21 warplane to Jordan, more military officers are expected to flow

"40 military officers including a first-Lieutenant have defected with their weapons while fierce fighting  erupted in Deir al-Zor airport as the FSA fighters were trying to control over it," the defected officer said adding that they have confirmed information that numbers of the government troops who fled to desert are expected to be doubled.

Wow heroes journey start!  Wow heroes journey start, cross line after line,mass after mass  international community respond this great  moment by creating safe zone for them  with urgently!  


Syria general and two colonels 'defect to Turkey'  AGAIN!!

A general, two colonels, two majors and about 30 other soldiers are said to have crossed into Hatay province on Sunday night.
HOMS:  Activists are reporting mortar shelling on the Homs town of Talbisah.

You can imaging how could anyone endure this inhuman barbaric act! Unbelievable! The world would remember long time Russia supporting this kind atrocity!  


Leading Syrians prepare to defect

Members of Bashar al-Assad's inner circle 'making secret plans to defect' as Syria air force colonel abandons attack mission and flies MiG to Jordan.
Shell is broken, all stark bare to the world! so many innocence people are dying every single day!   



Gee - Serious Stuff

Turkey says plane shot down by Syria was in international airspace

A Nato spokeswoman said the alliance's North Atlantic council would meet on Tuesday at Turkey's request
Turkey should effectively deal with Assad criminal and Turkey should calling NATO allies move together deal with this grave violation! 


British foreign minister William Hague condemned Syria's shooting down of a Turkish jet as "outrageous" on Sunday and said Britain was ready to support robust action against Syria by the United Nations Security Council.
Turkey said earlier in the day Syria had shot down its military aircraft in international waters on Friday without warning and declared it would formally consult with NATO allies - of which Britain is one - on a reaction.
"I am gravely concerned by the Syrian regime's action in shooting down a Turkish military plane on 22 June," Hague said in a statement published by his ministry.
"This outrageous act underlines how far beyond accepted behaviour the Syrian regime has put itself and I condemn it wholeheartedly," he added. "(Syria) will be held to account for its behaviour. The UK stands ready to pursue robust action at the United Nations Security Council."

Spring Rain

Beneficial Relationship

So it should be!!

They are one people -

Saturday, June 23, 2012



THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT POINT PROBABLY KEY POINT WE SHOULD CAREFULLY LISTEN WHAT HE WAS SAYING!  – MUST! we can not afford not to  listen this invaluable  information which is of course common sense!  This short clips says a lots! 


This is going to be very effectively interesting – how this going to be unfold a relation with the Syrian uprising, - Turkey yes they can not ignored this active threat!  


Activists posted a video yesterday that purports to show pro-Assad thugs (Shabiha) beating up protesters in Damascus’ Mezzeh neighbourhood following Friday Muslim prayers.   

Appalling criminals! Whole world is witnessing this unforgiveable  criminals – your criminals endings soon for sure! 


Cool Guy with his beautiful storm!  He is a hero of Syria and her people along with many other cool guys

SyriaThree Syrian army pilots have defected and fled across the border to Jordan last night, activists said.
Quoted by a Jordanian newspaper, the activists added that the pilots are now at a military base In al-Mafraq town under the protection of the Jordanian authorities.

Another cool guys across their heroic line!  The world community must provide their safe zone!  We should move fast! 

Getting Very Serious

Ankara vows to take 'necessary action' after Syria shoots down Turkish jet Syria claims Turkish F-4 aircraft was flying over Syrian territory when it was brought down

"Turkey will present its final stance after the incident has been fully brought to light and decisively take the necessary steps,"
Interesting how this unfolded with relations with Syrian revolutions 

While our friend send their freedom  message to the world 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Love Song Syria

Mishary al Afasy 2012 I weep for beloved Syria 


INSPIRING: Tens of thousands


Syrian military saysit downed Turkish fighter jet

I am not sure how this Turkish Jet shot down by Syria affects on Syrian revolution. But one thing comes to mind that it may be Assad desperation deliberately shot down  the jet as try to take attention away from the revolution to a war with Turkey. Russian supporting criminal disgrace, sheer of anti-US et al means to end for protecting their interest. Almost their argument is black and white. So probably this Turkey Jet event may be evoke NATO Charter and so it may be get around Russia, Russian try to make justification by making US et al evil, yes no one we are expecting angels but innocence civilian are being killed every single day while  sitting at UNSC effectively veto against Syrian people and selling billons worth of arms to criminal and help killing innocence. Stalled old cold war mentally need bit of Darwinian evolution.   

Exclusive: Command centre in Turkey organising weapon supply to opposition ...

This would be should be  encouraging mass defection! In my view Assad is not only criminal but he also traitor of Syria and her people, he is sheer of interest in his own family interest,  he believe Syria is own family firm, his position belong to him and his family forever, using all the resources which belong to the Syria and her own people.   


Criminal Assad dumbfound because of  desert storm desert!


HOMS DEAR SAD DESOLATE HOMS what have you done Homs? Why are you so broken and burn down only ashes to the sky,  nesting top of bullet wounds and bombs strewn skeletons streets, you hear so many children ghosts under rubbles sing their lullabies, fresh virgin blood splurge in your virgin soil, wails not in your veiled grave yard, wind of  rabbles,  songs of hymn, heroes traitors there is only one people. Desolate your lonely breasts without milk without warmth. Children are looking for love in you broken nests! They need comfort as you are only their nest!  You will not shall not bend your knee but standing firmly, savages yourself destroy yourself you shelter them until dawn breaker strike your faith and then you will stand again shake off darkest desolate nights your wounded body gather legend of air, tweak your desolate womb, you will be bleeding again, gowned in spring laurel in your head you will be where you will be always have been to your children.