Friday, June 22, 2012

Love Song Syria

Mishary al Afasy 2012 I weep for beloved Syria 


INSPIRING: Tens of thousands


Syrian military saysit downed Turkish fighter jet

I am not sure how this Turkish Jet shot down by Syria affects on Syrian revolution. But one thing comes to mind that it may be Assad desperation deliberately shot down  the jet as try to take attention away from the revolution to a war with Turkey. Russian supporting criminal disgrace, sheer of anti-US et al means to end for protecting their interest. Almost their argument is black and white. So probably this Turkey Jet event may be evoke NATO Charter and so it may be get around Russia, Russian try to make justification by making US et al evil, yes no one we are expecting angels but innocence civilian are being killed every single day while  sitting at UNSC effectively veto against Syrian people and selling billons worth of arms to criminal and help killing innocence. Stalled old cold war mentally need bit of Darwinian evolution.   

Exclusive: Command centre in Turkey organising weapon supply to opposition ...

This would be should be  encouraging mass defection! In my view Assad is not only criminal but he also traitor of Syria and her people, he is sheer of interest in his own family interest,  he believe Syria is own family firm, his position belong to him and his family forever, using all the resources which belong to the Syria and her own people.