Thursday, June 28, 2012

Time Comes

Well finely Russia come to sense after NATO hold hand with Turkey firmly, can see if Russia not too careful they lose all together, so it is sensible to see least they try to preserve some position in Syria or middle east, or actually it can be US allies can get around without go through UNSC, make Russia no position re: Syria but also obviously Russia heavily focus on  middle east last decade, where large part of oil rich countries are Sunnis -   they can not afford not to  agree to change criminal regime. What option they have, the Opposition is getting really strong and high moral, eyes of the world they are the heroes and true legitimate army to protect  Syrian people and Syria, criminal army is criminal personal army! There is no justification of all the atrocities have been carried by his order!  He is belong to all the criminal mess killers in the history. But it “… Annan made clear it was "vital that (any) settlement (be) irreversible, (with) clear transition steps in fixed timeline," but also if necessary forcible by force(armed UN etc or NATO)… not helpless the current observes mission on the ground, I can not believed any military personal with mission without their arms, like birds without wings!   

"It could comprise present government members, opposition and others, but would need to exclude those whose continued participation or presence would jeopardize the transition's credibility, or harm prospects for reconciliation and stability."
Yes the incredible  charismatic  leadership we have seen;  activists and Free Syrian Army risk their life, channeling what is going on the ground and  for gathering and gearing up for the  people for  demonstrations, organized and fighting against criminal army all but irrefutable gusty leaderships they have shown and possessed,  well they can move any mountains for sure, I believed that future  Syrian is very bright becase these proud leaderships and brave people! After this revolution Syrian people become formidable citizen of world, immense contribution to the world, young valiant they have learned vital lessons through their immense suffering and hardship  which other people same generation around world lack of. ( I underlined) 

UPDATE:  Before the Geneva Saturday meeting I think the revolutionary blow up few more criminal control area and more stormy heroic defects that encourage Russia  do more easy to deiced which  side has their bread and butter, surely dead criminal Assad not provide a spot for foot into the middle east  for sure! Also Turkey hot blooded wrath of tormentors deploy in the boarder areas that help too!  Flanking flicking muscle and hold hand with NATO!! You can imagine if your jet shot down what would you do!

(Reuters) - A Turkish military convoy including anti-aircraft missiles left a base near the Syrian border on Thursday and headed for a Turkish province housing a large camp for Syrian refugees, local agencies said.

Media walkytalky frenzy about Russia is deserting criminal assad! Hooray!  

Update: I think the hotshot in the Geneva meeting they don’t have much option now but bring forward end this atrocity by supporting  the Revolutionary and remove criminal Assad.  What option they have now. the opposition will not accept the criminal  at Syrian soil in alive, they are empowered, high moral they know they are gearing up right side fence for mood change - for protecting people and  Syria-  while criminal side soldiers are it seemed to low moral.  So at the Geneva meeting the powerful leaders should do right- well right thing? Yes eyes of the Syrian people - as so many people is being killed every single day, Russia simply understand that they can not stand by the loser criminal, also now it appears that it may be it can be solved it without Russia involved in, of course much easier if they agree but…