Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yes investigation is good but how about some effectiveness – i.e. officially declare that the  “criminal assad” rebel him! I said that long ago, I know he is a criminal without any investigation, the reason of my skepticism  so far is  result of NUN!  I could not believe, so many innocence   people are being killed and we the world hopeless is watching and counting death toll  innocence people only! I don’t want to be unkind! When you looking at the above  map actually is not a village but relatively packed small town where all these houses were close approximate. Even if anyone see the actual killing or  no evidence,  except 10 years young boy witness said that “ criminal thugs” but  distant tells criminal army based both site very close, I don’t even think of the Opposition has done this to their own kind. So don’t even try to say they did it because they try to provoke world but I don’t think so… with that distant their firepower at the time criminal army-thugs could only carried out that massacre! there is also so many similar patten.  When you looking at the very tended field it can very peaceful nice town – quite amazing that kind town carried out that atrocity!

Update: At the time also there is heavy armed vehicle marks, the approx distant, between these  areas -where massacred was occurred -   two side army based, criminal army firepower at the time easily overpowering the Opposition, also they easy to access the roads, it is impossible to see  the Opposition carried out that massacre without knowing criminal side,  at the time firepower of the Oppositions has  no possibilities  whatsoever. Also they can not afford that kind risk of they stand for! Why should they? They may not angel but the  revolutionaries are honourable!