Friday, June 22, 2012


Criminal Assad dumbfound because of  desert storm desert!


HOMS DEAR SAD DESOLATE HOMS what have you done Homs? Why are you so broken and burn down only ashes to the sky,  nesting top of bullet wounds and bombs strewn skeletons streets, you hear so many children ghosts under rubbles sing their lullabies, fresh virgin blood splurge in your virgin soil, wails not in your veiled grave yard, wind of  rabbles,  songs of hymn, heroes traitors there is only one people. Desolate your lonely breasts without milk without warmth. Children are looking for love in you broken nests! They need comfort as you are only their nest!  You will not shall not bend your knee but standing firmly, savages yourself destroy yourself you shelter them until dawn breaker strike your faith and then you will stand again shake off darkest desolate nights your wounded body gather legend of air, tweak your desolate womb, you will be bleeding again, gowned in spring laurel in your head you will be where you will be always have been to your children.