Friday, June 29, 2012


Benevolence is a gift of humanity that is more powerful than millions tanks!
Beauty is the chief that command people’s heart!
We love beauty and surrender!
Beauty is not fettered, is not veiled but free like a face of spring on the earth!
We shall not bend by unbidden terror unbidden repression
Our freedom our birth right no one shall above us, beneath us!
Our dignity is our guidance that make us magnificent and reconciles
We shall marvel!  Here comes grace!  Here comes beauty!  
Medallion of brilliance!  Prevailing grace! 


Do you think we shall send the powerful leaders of Geneva meeting to the Auschwitz camp for a day and a clock turn back at 1940s?  That way they can get feel a fire on their hot seats!  

You can think of how any human being could killed helpless little children and carried out massacre after massacre, Assad is  the perpetrator of the Syrian people and Syria, the perpetrator doesn’t know how to solve problems but his solution is massacre and atrocity!  With him there is no peace no reconciles he must go! This is world problems not only Syrian problems alone!   


 Three main things we want from  the Geneva meeting:

1)      Remove the perpetrator Assad (few of his close allies) first and start the unity reconciliation.   With the perpetrator Assad there is no point have this meeting.
2)      Both side people involved in; without genders sects and religions participates the reconciliation new Syrian building.
3)      Must armed military observers (say 50,000) international community provided to Syria until settle down and lots civilians specialists from international community who able to assists that new Syrian building project.  


This is another point Russia consider, the perpetrator assad force to military killing their own people! that is not their duty, their duty protect them not kill them well than we know without the military support he has not future!  


Hillary and Sergey Dialog in  Geneva

Hillary: hey Sergey be bend!

Sergey:  well I am bending already haven’t you not see me yet?

Hillary: Nap you are mop of knob!
Sergey: well you are poker of knocker!   


British Foreign Minister William Hague urged Russia and China to agree with Western powers on a political transition plan for Syria at a crisis meeting on Saturday but said the talks would be very difficult."There is an opportunity for the international community to be much stronger and act more robustly but we can only do it with the agreement of Russia and China," he told reporters as he arrived for the talks at the United Nations in Geneva
It they don’t reached agreement remove Assad at the meeting that would immense catastrophic consequence, innocence Syrian would suffer, the perpetrator Assad he is the problem, remove him that is cost effective problem solving, without remove him there is no solution! Sooner or later he won’t be there why Russia insists?  Take their certain position they should agree with to remove the expired despot.


A huge congregation to the great people of  Egypt, the next is  to the great people of Syria too!

Very nice indeed!   

Cost of change Syria

Another thing Geneva meeting they should consider, Russia may argue the immediate  cost of rebuilding Syria, therefore Russia argues that let it as it is that would be cheaper  than fixing it,  that is immensely wrong as: i)  Syria is deadly sick, if she is not put the emergency room and let  skilled surgeon’s knife in either she would die or she would be paralyzed, without it how  she can heal and recovery? ii) Syria is very young country her median age  22 years.  Also very high literacy and high birth rates  that mean very rich  human resources for the future generation which not many country have that.   So even if immediate cost of change can be a huge but because of her capacity or her ability able to meet their obligation that would be no problems.  I think World Bank they knows better re;this issue.  It is much -in every aspects- greatly cheaper than its paralysis. Also we should consider ripple  effect on around region and  world as well.  Economy is still recovering.