Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stormy of freedom feet are running across victorious soil

Syrian activists in the outskirts of Aleppo say that 280 soldiers defected in Idlib near the main highway leading to Aleppo,  on  Tuesday.They said there were clashes between the defectors and the Syrian army and that one helicopter had been shot down and six tanks destroyed.
I love counting this stormy freedom feet numbers instead dead people!!  running flying wheeling driving back knifing, bombing killing defecting attacking  - we are wining strike!     

Turkey tells Syria the rules have changed

Erdogan said as much as Turkey's friendship was valuable, Turkey's "wrath is as much violent and crushing".
He said: "We will continue to be a burning torment for circles who have adopted a hostile attitude toward Turkey."

Wow you wouldn’t make enemy of Turkey either, gee every hotshots are boiling their blood for explosion! Gee every hotshots are boiling their blood for explosion! Turkey was one of UN military  came to Korea for Korean War, all in our  history textbook!   Assad is dead now!


http://www.facebook.com/aliferzat   here you can see so much suffering and so gruesome inhuman  act of violent in here!