Friday, June 29, 2012

Criminal Assad problems Solving

Unbelievable suffering of Syrian people, this is how criminal Assad his knowing only how to solve  problems; massacre, atrocity,  the below is link you can see another massacre, it is too gruesome!

you know tomorrow Geneva meeting well… how long this world is just sit there  and watching this, the world have every right to intervene, this is not Syrian problem anymore, not internal Syrian problems anymore  but world problems also he lost as he is criminal also he only know how to kill people he doesn’t know any another way or he want to cling on his pitiful life because he is so stupid, why the world has to put up with this rubbish human being! Yes I call criminal is rubbish! 


We demand a comprehensive prohibition of aerial flight Assad We demand a comprehensive prohibition of Assad aerial flight

That is a Russian  made chopper – killing innocence people!  


DAEL (28/06/2012): The funeral of yesterday's martyrs in the town of Dael, Daraa province. At least 107 martyrs fell yesterday, 19 of them children and today is another bloody day - at least 66 martyrs recorded so far, mostly in Duma, Homs and Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, the latest bomb in Damascus exploded in the car park of the Palace of Justice in the city centre. State media says 3 people were injured.