Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wind Blow To The Revolutionary Direction

The Free Syrian Army is really empowered, they are emerging as  the truly protectors of the Syrian people and their country, that gives the legitimacy eyes of the Syrian people and the world  and physically become formidable force, we are hoping lots of outsider should support them and arm them so that: 1) they can control more territories this mean protect  larger civilians. 2) Encourage more army defectors 3) Eventual out come of capturing criminal Assad.

It is subtle development 4) Israel leadership very outspoken about criminal Assad, their intelligence would say wind blow certain direction so they move fast – good!  5) Russia panicking and calling for international conference but who is listing to them now!

Russia was interesting, they know that Assad will be lose but their Middle East  strategy utterly failed, they will lost truly utterly. Not only that all the nations around  the world would weary about Russian inflexibility stand UNSC, not only that Russian supplies weapons to Assad which killing civilians, Middle Eastern countries would also remember Russian against unavailable  the Arab spring, and of course  Syrian people will remember them as  an accomplice.