Sunday, June 10, 2012


Free Syrian Army is THE PROTECTORS of Syria and her people, FSA is the only legitimate Army in Syria.    The World must armed FSA that is the wining solution.

The fighters have loosened government control over large swaths of territory as they obtain arms and cash.

An increasingly effective Syrian rebel force has been gaining ground in recent weeks, stepping up its attacks on government troops and expanding the area under its control… 

…But, he said, with their repeated hit-and-run attacks on Syrian outposts and convoys, it is clear "they're increasing pressure on the regime, increasing attrition and increasing defections."

"They're looking stronger to me, and better," White said. "People have been calling them a ragtag force, and I just don't think that's accurate anymore. I would describe them as an increasingly capable guerrilla force."

Fierce & widespread clashes break out in Damascus, causing speculation Assad's grip may be slipping. Arwa Damon reports.

Syria rebels battle in Assad stronghold of Damascus

"The regime has forced the rebels into the city. When they commit attacks, or massacres, or arrests, they come in to defend residents," he said.