Thursday, June 7, 2012

Criminals Assad Front Line

Looking at the above evidence the Shibiha who was carried out torture of detained Syrian Civilians Lattakia now appears behind  Criminal Assad army general. So it is criminal army and Shibiha are team, a cohort  goes with tanks and shelling around the areas and Shibiha  goes with shotgun and knife enter into the civilians house and finish off the job.

NOTE:  Influential  Hotshot Around The World

I can not believed what is the world now faces on this incredible tragic civil sectarian war! All the cozy academia they sheltered life inside ivory tower talking talking  and standing as by standers to this unforgivable atrocity as none of their own business. But remember while you counting your fat bank account from book selling book talking but if middle east become a  full blown firebird nest your book selling won’t be good, the world will be so depressed they can not even thinking of do anything, so why not using your  hotshot keyboard, punch up some powerful beacons  stirring up  all the sleeping people mind to powerful conscience! If you re true you won’t happy all  the little innocence children and  people killed while you are happy inside your cozy arm chair.  

Lots of high ranking  officials have been defecting that is a great sign!   If you are Assad army you are in illegitimate, only protecting criminal Assad not your Syria not your own people but only criminal Assad, so defect now for your Syria for your own people!
Lots of high ranking  officials have been defecting that is a great sign!   Defect now!