Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Intelligent War

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian rebels pulled out of villages around the besieged mountainous town of Haffa after days of fierce shelling, a rights group said Wednesday. The withdrawal came as the government accused the U.S. of "interference" for expressing concern that the regime could carry out more killings in that area.

Rebels say Syrian army bombing and burning Haffeh

ANTAKYA, Turkey, June 13 (Reuters) - While Syrian government helicopters and tanks are pounding the western town of Haffeh and the surrounding villages, ground troops are rounding up young men and looting houses, according to Syrian rebels who have fled to Turkey.

The world  stand behind the courageous freedom fighters! 


Save the Children of Syria

Exclusive: Syria prints new money as deficit grows: bankers

(Reuters) - Syria has released new cash into circulation to finance its fiscal deficit, flirting with inflation after violence and sanctions wiped out revenues and led to a severe economic contraction, bankers in Damascus say.

Criminal made Syrian economy suicidal - a loaf of bread soon to be 1 billion! ordinary civilians would be  most suffer!