Friday, June 15, 2012

Inside the Syrian Revolution

Syria is a young country. More than one-half of the population is under 25. And this new, most impressionable generation is being raised irreversibly on revolution. Their vocabulary, words like freedom and rights, is not that of their fathers. Their fairytales are stories of empowerment and courage, not the fables of fear that overshadowed Syria for decades. They will never forget these lessons, no matter how long or brutal the fight ahead.

This generation will know most intimately and unbearably the sufferings of revolution. Children and teenagers are being tortured and killed by regime forces and pro-Assad militias. Young men, some even boys, are fighting alongside their fathers and uncles in Homs and Deraa. Teenage girls join convoys of activists to deliver aid throughout the country. But even those youth spared the direct violence of war suffer its burdens. Schooling has been disrupted. In towns known for their revolutionary sympathies, government services, including vaccination campaigns, electricity, schooling, and garbage collection, have been suspended. Children share in all the suffering of their parents—the displacement, food and fuel shortages, uncertainty, and fear. 

Ahmad, a former teacher, has established a makeshift school in his home for the 20 or 30 displaced children that now seek shelter with his family. Each day, before he leaves for work, he distributes the day's assignment to his cousins-cum-pupils. One day Ahmad was sitting with a young boy, 5 or 6 years old, on his lap. He asked the boy to sing him a song. The boy thought for a moment and then asked Ahmad whether he should sing a freedom song or a school song. "A school song," he told the boy. The child sat in silence. Finally he confessed, "I can't remember any school songs." Ahmad encouraged him to try, but the boy insisted. "Okay. The other kind," Ahmad conceded. And the boy began to sing. Songs of freedom and peace and democracy. He sang song after song and didn't stop until Ahmad finally told him it was time to go to sleep.

Globally we are living world of fast unpredictable world of technology.   We don’t know what is next year, endless innovations and discoveries…  A country with vision must be an entrepreneur. 
Innovative and resourceful,  crafted their policy flexibility enough, endless scanning molding for short-term and long-terms, ready to change or to meet  ever changing unpredictable environments. Savvy intelligent would able to tap into the beneath mood or under current, the mass!

I saw YouTube, a 13 years old young teenager from Damascus his very last breathing word was” Syria, for you!”  He gave his life to his Syria that is reality today in Syria

Beautiful brides and heroic bridegrooms –matches made heavens!  Congratulations! 

 MOSCOW — Russia’s chief arms exporter said Friday that his company was shipping advanced defensive missile systems to Syria that could be used to shoot down airplanes or sink ships if the United States or other nations try to intervene to halt the country’s spiral of violence.


All of this -- plus Russia's belligerent reaction to a proposed European missile defense system -- is reminiscent of the bad old days of the Cold War. Of course, there are differences; Russia is not the superpower the Soviet Union was and Putin, for all his ruthlessness, is not a pathological tyrant and mass murderer like Stalin. But certain patterns are the same. The Russians are still picking their friends among the world's most repressive regimes. They are still paranoid and certain the West is ready to gang up on them. And, like the communist apparatchiks before them, Putin and his team assume everyone is as diabolical, power-hungry and duplicitous as they are.

Difference between US and Russia in Syria - Under banner of

1)      US:  there is no government in the world has sovereign right to carried out mass atrocity its own people!  
2)      Russia: Well no other county has right o ganged up against a country’s   internal affair, any regimes (most case not elected tyrants!) they can do whatever they like their own people within border that is fine!   Putin is paranoid, he may end up like Assad or Gaddafi, Russian people restless!  US may ganged with other help Russian people!

The  have both same agenda influencing of course!  

Ever since the fall of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, but especially after the 2004 "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, the Russian leadership has been obsessed with the idea of America and the EU engineering the overthrow of governments that, for whatever reason, they find unsuitable.
President Vladimir Putin and his team seem to be convinced that something like that could happen to Russia.

Russia's political class never accepted concepts like "responsibility to protect", which aim to limit the ability of authoritarian governments to repress their own people.

Sovereignty, to the Russian leadership, means an unlimited licence for governments to do as they please within their national borders.

Yankee has to move fast if they don’t want Syrian turns into another Al Qaeda heaven!  

Syrian rebels have held meetings with senior US government officials in Washington as pressure mounts on the US to authorise a shipment of heavy weapons, including surface-to-air missiles to combat the Assad regime, the Daily Telegraph has learned. …

By the way I am not warmongers but rather I believed justices that is all, simply criminal Assad should meet his horrendous faith! Nice to things of happen to freedom fighters!