Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wrath Of Torment

Turkey Warns Syria Away From Its Border

Turkey warned Syria on Tuesday to keep its forces away from the countries' troubled border or risk an armed response — a furious reply to the downing of a Turkish military plane last week by the Damascus regime.
 I am not so sure what is this mean, “ …stay away from the boarder…”  anyway, clearly criminal Assad regime deliberately the shot down, I mean when you looking at the map, you can not miss, not noticing Turkey’s jet, criminal regime has intentionally  shot down the fighter jet, and they excuse, yes Turkey made wise decisions not declare military action but “ …stay away from the boarder…”   mean they are creating safe zone? I am not sure but Turkey should not give it  away anything in terms of solving Syrian internal problems for taking leverage of this,  there is beneficial, Truckie has been very shrewed in many ways in Middle East geopolitics last 20 or years, has been in succuss story,   definitely Tuckey  has a vision being in right side…. Supporting the Syrian revolutionary …. In a way indirectly NATO behind Syrian people we can say that… now!  Continually “..wrath of torment  criminal  Assad regimen…” you can imagine if anyone shot down my jet I will well you know well  I will calling “ hell of wrath, hellish curses on my enemies until  dead….” For sure!


Ghalioun told Al-Jazeera TV that the areas he visited in Idlib province are ruling themselves, without any regime presence.
Ghalioun, former head of the Iraqi National Council, did not say when he entered or left Syria.
"I went to see the war that the Syrian regime is staging," Ghalioun said. "The regime continues to shell and kill." Ghalioun said he spoke with wounded Syrians including some who lost limbs and others who were paralyzed.
He added that he was able to drive about freely and that "part of the country is liberated."
Wow then why not  make it there as a safe zone all the wounded people all the defectors and all the Syrian go over there  and Free Syrian Army protected them… so that less causality... 


Lots of warning went on but I am not sure what is on… yes if Turkey engaging war with Syria that would  evoke Syrian people national feeling, you see Syria is Syria and Turkey,  criminal army would fight with Turkey… all but messy scenario… that would be bit of tricky situations of the Revolutionary carried out their uprising.    Turkey creates bit wider boarder for FSA- can be called a area safe zone for the FSA, may be able to make their base there! Lots of supplies rolling into…actually when I looking into the FSA personal they are  looking really good healthy  shape so they are must right… you know I am not a war monger but seeing incredibly gruesome inhumane  killing carried out by criminal thugs, there should be justices…a huge punishment, so many sad story children unbearable suffering when all this end there are should be recognition of all their suffering!