Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After G20

From Al Jazeera:

 This is part of a rocket that Mr. Bashar criminal  hit on a house occupied by a family with children.This is what is left of the rocket. We recovered the bodies and evacuated injured from under the rubble.  

Syria, I think US et al should go around with Putin, if they come to parties is ok but obliviously they do not, so no point pursuing, I think US should not try anymore Putin, let them whatever they want to do so, I think: 1)  no fly zone and, 2) encourage mass defection in  army, 3) arming Free Syrian Army so that defend themselves   and their family their towns and cities and their Syria,  4)  the Opposition must tirelessly campaign all level of Syrian people, all Syrian no discrimination  against  any sects any ethnicity  any religion, but united against one enemy,  Assad,   - it is hard after all these massacre but we have to remember whoever involved they are minority,   they are also victim of criminal Assad manipulation, 5) Embargo/ sanction against arm dealing with criminal (UK did a great work in their water!).  5) Economy sanction all levels,  6) I think also distant US et al to trade with Russia . And see what happens.  It is so disgraces Russia uses their  UNSC veto protecting their geopolitical interest while selling arms and protecting criminal regime who committed atrocity!   

* I made strikethrough criminal name you have problems with that? let me know!

I agree with Mr McCann re:Syria unfair firepower

Obama and Putin after meeting 2 hours gazing eyes each other their joint statement a the below:

 “We are united in the belief that the Syrian people should have the opportunity to independently and democratically choose their own future.

At the glance it is nice united but as gazing each other’s  eyes and back knighting each other, their body language says so if you looking at their armchair press conference.

 Our interpretation as:

1)      Obama: somehow  criminal assad  would be gone soon… hopefully before the election…  

2)      Putin: well somehow criminal assad would stay… wishful thinking.. 

The key thing in here they both agree with “ Assad is a criminal” criminal has  no future in Syria

3) Obama how little I should give up to Putin….

4) Putin how much I can get out of this from Obama…  

While innocence Syrian people daily been killed… can not believe… my blood is boiling… 

Well tomorrow sun will be shin, hoping mass defection, … Free Syrian Army will be big win…

"The West talks in terms of noble goals, but their actions tend to wreck any stability, threaten the lives of millions, and leave people worse off than before," says Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the independent Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in Moscow. "I don't carry any brief for the Kremlin, but in the case of Syria, the Russian aim is to try to minimize negative outcomes. Russian approaches may be old fashioned and conservative but, I'm sorry to say, they're more rational than current Western policies." 

Russia argue this point, it appears convincing, Russian’s theme song is  “ 'rational' and 'moral', as Libya and Egypt other countries it appears that after tyrants more chaos than before tyrants fall, but anyone looking into history, change is always have to go thought chaos, that is inevitable, most nations political changes, so Libya and Egypt will be fine next few years-- they have to go thought that chaos, sometimes bigger longer or short and small, dark dreamless stormy sea of chaos, we know that there is always the dawn with clam sea. If we are afraid of meeting inevitably stormy chaos there would be no changes but let  tyrants will be there forever ever , stripe our freedom... So the Russia’s  “rational and moral’ stance on Syria  “deceptive and evil”!  

Syrian people courageous revolution prevails, they will not turn back for sure, they are keep going no matter what!  US et al not swayed by Russian deceptive moral claptrap!  After criminal, Syria  need a strong and effective leadership,  who can navigate the chaos and manage the change!   

By the way why not UNSC authorizes  500 more UN observes… if they want to keep doing … 300 is not enough with 23 million people we don’t know what is going on all these small villages…