Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sense of urgency!

UN urged to send armed peacekeepers to Syria

The exiled Syrian National Council, the country's main opposition group, in a statement issued overnight called on the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to arm the observers.

Sense of urgency!  International community must feel the horror what is next to around, acting urgently not let the criminal carried out another mass mascaras again.  

The US State Department said on Saturday that the sooner a political transition occurs in Syria the higher the odds of preventing a long and bloody civil war."We are consulting with our international partners regarding next steps toward a Syrian-led political transition as called for in Security Council Resolutions 2042 and 2043," it said in a statement that echoed one issued by the White House after the suspension of a UN monitoring mission's activities in Syria."The sooner this transition takes place, the greater the chance of averting a lengthy and bloody sectarian civil war," the State Department spokeswoman added in the statement.[Source: Reuters] 
What is next then? 

SUMMARY (16/06/2012): At least 77 martyrs were recorded today - mostly in the suburbs of Damascus. There was a new slaughter in Saqba, while several other suburbs are also under assault. The massacre continues in Homs and surrounding towns and villages, while much of Aleppo city was on strike to protest the attack on the countryside. Meanwhile by forcing the UN observers to suspend operations today we believe that Assad scored a small victory - removing one of the main sets of independent witnesses to the escalating brutality of the crackdown. See the map for more info.


Imran Ahmed Daqaq from Hama. He was killed on 13/06/2012 trying to escape from Assad's forces who had come to arrest him.
Father and Son

This lovely picture of young father hold his son, he gave his life to his son and his son of son… to better life cost of his own life,  his life  planted a seed of freedom that his son will be cherishe and a  keeper of the freedom to his sons…   


Assad is behind  Al Quad!