Monday, June 18, 2012

Beauty and Beast

SAN JOSE DEL CABO, Mexico (AP) – President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin need one another, an uncomfortable truth for the superpower leader facing a tough re-election and the newly elected Russian leader who is deeply suspicious of the United States.
U.S. strategy has favored flattery that may overstate Russia's influence, especially on Syria, and efforts to highlight areas where U.S. and Russian goals align.

Russia's membership in numerous world bodies and its veto power at the U.N. Security Council give it leverage beyond its economic or military power. Obama holds far greater power and both leaders know it, but Putin can be a spoiler and irritant.

"President Putin clearly is somebody who can articulate where he has differences with the United States, but we can also articulate where we have differences with Russia," Rhodes said. "And I think our assessment is that being candid with one another and clear with one another is in the best interest of the relationship. So because the relationship between the United States and Russia is in our interest, it's in Russia's interest, but also it's in the interest of the world community, because when we can work together on issues, again, it opens up the door to much better progress, whether you're talking about nonproliferation and nuclear security, whether you're talking about resolving regional tensions as in Syrian, or whether you're talking about the global economy."

I think President Obama under estimate US power. To be frankly, the world needs some kind of leadership.  Certainly majority of world advanced economics weary about President Putin’s attitude and understandable his geopolitical standing but, he would lose lots if he keep continues.   Especially G20 countries- except China- off side or least make them uneasy for Russian veto against Syrian people while so horrendous inhuman criminal regime Russia  is supporting it. Not many countries want to support criminal Assad.  Syria is important to Putin because naval base so that Russia foot in that region and not much  selling weapons to the criminal Assad -  relatively small amount trade –  Putin's deliberation Syria strategy for increasing Russian bargaining position, he knows that criminal finished long ago, but too painful  give up 60 years crafted position that easily - so uses veto for increasing  his bargaining position-  it is based on game theory, everyone  knows criminal Assad no way out: i) it is too much blood shed and too late to  the Rebel accept criminal Assad alive in Syrian soil, they will fight until criminal Assad is finished, ii) US et al can not be a bystander and wait until the rebel finished off criminal Assad,  that may be blow whole region, iii)Also consider Al Quad. Now iv) Putin wants a geopolitical  position, v) whether US would happy to trade off something  that what Putin wants vi) or something other things that  US could willing give up what Putin wants… so on… while so many innocence Syria people is  dying – politics is dirty things!!! Looking at the powerful leaders, they are all killers! But you know beauty is more much more powerful- it moves people deeply utterly and forever ever! 

Two Russian navy ships are completing preparations to sail to Syria with a unit of marines on a mission to protect Russian citizens and the country's base there, a news report says....

It may be come to pick up criminal Assad and his family!  


(Reuters) - Events in Egypt, Bahrain and Syriaillustrate the limits of U.S. influence in the Middle East following the Arab Spring and a U.S. reluctance, at times, to exercise such clout as it has.
"We have had a long relationship with the Egyptian military and when it comes to existential issues, they will listen politely but they strongly believe that they understand both their population and their national interest better than well-meaning Americans," Alterman added.

Over 50% of Syrian population is under 25years old, young country young mind they are not really interesting religion they are much more turn into Facebook,  Goggles and football 


The opposition should promoting and  encourage mass defection from other side!