Saturday, May 30, 2009

Iraqi Love

I like this story immensely. Splendor! Full bloom of vengeance. Story like this, you kill yourself in real authentic. Love is; full of foolishness follies, irrationality and crazy madly deadly. If you don't love me I kill you! Simple is that! Love should be deadly and poisonous. What a hoot! Great... grandpapa days, a papa said to Romeo and Juliet, “nob you two can not make love because both you two families are not ready to breeding line!” So they said to each other, “Well if we can not making love we kill ourselves make them sorry! They will be very sorry top of our dead body! You see Darwin's origin of love. Few centuries later, love is "make them sorry to kill them off all!" Progressive in love. A boy can not have a girl; he goes to the girl's house and planted a love bomb in their garden, under a love tree. Token of love. I can not have her no one can have. Blow love up. Any decent, sound minded and red blooded young man in love, all should be deadly. Great love story. Lots of rational people preaching love, name of money or name of gods. We are creatures in love. We all know how to love in our own perfect selfish way. “Selfless love? Common don’t kidding yourself. No such thing as selfless love. Anyway go back to the story line, he should wear a love-bomb jacket when he goes to see her papa, show him his wired bomb first and saying to him “hello papa you better say “yes huh” otherwise I blow you up, and then surly he gets what he wants, not have to go through this love fiasco. Nice to see self-harming to harm others instead. It is perfect silly crazy in madly in love. That is why we are so loveable. In any case if you are rational and a calculator in your hand in love you are deadly in love! Love conquers all!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My hate of the day

One of my pet hate is going to a supermarket. I hate drabble shopping. But I went a supermarket today as one has to eat survival or survival to eat? Anyway I saw an Asian woman who were speaking on mobile phone while flicking over lettuces again again, dug out lettuces from underneath tray and put them away another side. All lettuces broken pieces, leaves fallen off, she selected agin and took off few leaves and put on aside selecting again, she was doing that quite sometime without thinking what she was doing. I was watching her, and was waiting for her stop doing that, but she didn’t. Her endless desperate motion of gasping fuming with her airy bee stings lips with her mobile. She was doing it without thinking; motion. Cling her dear life on bloody phone. Her ugly hellish face, furtively foreplay endless her relish tongue. Woman can very very ugly you know! She even didn’t recognized I was watching her. I almost yelled at her across the wooden tray. But I went her side and tapping her shoulder and say” hello” and she was looking at me bit of bewilderment. My famous fierce animalistic eyeballing at straight into her eyeballs. You shouldn’t touch lettuces like that! Then she was completely lost her balance my sudden attack, and with a stupid dispatched face and her deem eyes were saying “ what?” with surprise. So I said to her again “Stop flicking these lettuce, you broke them!” I said to her and I took off. Gosh how I hate that woman and her mobile phone. Actually I hate my mobile phone; someday I discarded this bloody mobile phone of mine too. I think I am a busybody... so what!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In a Devils Eyes

Image from Wikipedia
When I was a little, I saw these kind of pictures, It was fascinated me these images, probable partly self-defense. Had nightmares because of them. You see what religion can do to you. So I had to developed bullet proof of emotional heavy weight not to disturbed by all sort of nonsense of scare tactic overdoses when I was very young. You see so I want to be a devil - the picture, able to see all the human farce in a devils eyes. Though there is no frozen lakes, no ices, all melt down earthly fiasco… so in away well you give yourself the boring answers…

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Some people are traveling around time line on their suicide notes. Death notes should be poetic and genocides! Full blooms poisoned cankers, hates and chatterers and batters. Full of original vengeance! Don’t you think so! Wonder anyone hired me as their suicide notes writer; I will do the finest job in the world, and make my name as the best suicide note writer! Charge fee for their life! Old days suicide can be romantic. Tormented mad artist kill themselves out of vampire rampages. Young, staved and struggled, craftily in killing themselves are make better placement in the history. Tragic hugged stories are make more romantic; put their heads into ovens and barbeque their brains with gas, bun-gi jumping from buildings or over the bridge. Hangs themselves kick- the bucket like a best footballer. O yes the Van Gogh ardent shot make his final more grand and romantic! Van Gogh shot was a love shot, he loved himself so much, couldn’t bear himself that situation! If I was in his final wheat field, he could hired me as his gun holder! Then I could play his final; warble warble toggle toggles. So history will says, Wow Young Sun was the Van Gogh killer! His painting is carried the ready shot romantic tales with me, the tales itself take away buyers breath and I made a history! Now days, it is good to see changes suicide trends, as well known people committed suicide like committed adulteries and like my pancake fancy, tired of life, had enough and just bun-gi jump from the buildings. No longer fanciful and romantic. Obviously when a man strikes his luck in his death bed, a betrayer himself. Violation of what is he stood for. Anyway in any case you can confront yourself in your skeleton. You never shame yourself. In human life there is no such thing shame, just we made ourselves like that way. We made our rules. Yes there is no such thing shame. Gosh I hate people massive intrinsically valued tongues and put them into their asses, fast devolved aimless d├ęcors, squeaking with bulldog heads and barking in their supermarket trolleys. Gosh lots of ugly people around. I supposed that is life, squabbling little things in their crippled time. Deadly ugly wives launched their warning shots across borders against full blown vulture so game is set to go; territorial cobras v nasty clewed vultures

Update: By the way I am the Alan’s wife but I am not ugly all the time because he says so, sometime I am very nice cherub and sometimes nasty ugly devil. Therefore I am a loveable creature never boring, as he gave me thousands nick names.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drain brains

Wow humh, Krugman gone Seoul too, that is my territory! I don’t give him permission to go over there, red lights traffic jam crush each other all corners, bustling minds of minds, drain brains, can go wrong that place… well what the hell hee hee I won’t recommendate anything for sure, because you have to figure our yourself in that lost-city… but if I were his woman I would be deadly worried, she has to be a real vulture/hawk, very nasty sharp clews, ready for launching warnings etc… but other vultures are much poisonous they go for 1000 mph for a grand feast. humh watch him carefully, caged him if necessary, regardless what, all men are bastards when they have given a chance --- men are still upper hands in that area… dollop oop… hee hee monitoring him carefully, he might never come back to her! But I dare say Hee hee bit loosen up what is life for! Betray utterly! Become a polemic betrayer! Remember we all go like a weathered white skeleton red sand desert, flinging with moon stars silence with millions of years… you know that too... hoping crush his Kindle all time!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Devil Speaking!

Unbelievable unbelief! Still some religions against abortions, well god is dead or it never never exist. all men made illusion. Your brain washed by your childhood or weak as piss spooled brains are washed and sucked by some of suckers. Religions have their own missions; select carefully their targets and put on effort and time in grooming the targets for their substantiality. You can imagine their method of recruitments their targets is centuries old and well crafted. If you are in their targets; they give you all the things you needs and support until you brain is completely washed and sucked your soul by them and into the their nests. And then all your life you have obey their rules, simply you are become a zombies. Yes brainless no-will zombies for serving for their ends until you die. I tell you what simply you can create your own god, or you can be yourself as a god. Believed in your self! You become a your own God! Ok Cool! I heard people who are church goers saying: O I have to pay to church certain amount of my salary. Gosh I can tell I can tell you if you donate that amount money soup kitchens or child or women improved orgs you can much better off. You can see future in them. Looking at these glittering churches, finery crafted buildings and wealth, fat well feed priests their finest sartorial robs and finest life styles. Hard to justified their preaching for good for preaching for their life style. What is “good” anyway? Centuries, name of their gods, carried out most horrific wars, killings innocence people. Just don’t put yourself brainlessly washed by scumbags. Anyway woman you can to whatever you like your own body; you can abuse yourself, self mutilated yourself, kill yourself or something for your own body as long as not harm to others Ok cool! Young Sun, you are the Devil! Read more Brainwashing from Wikipedia and Mind control
Update: I am the perfect example how I was indoctrinated when I was very little child: Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity and shamanism(ten thousands gods). You can imagine how I was confused by; you were sinned child one second and your sin cleared away like traffic light in another second; green go yellow ready red go go! he hee all go same time!! O man you can see what come out of me; she completely made from devil herself! She is happy as cloud in the sky!

Update pancake god:

Pancake gods

I believed gods
Every gods in the world
You name it of them
I remember every gods
Thousands of god matters
So one day I tell myself
You have too many gods
You can spare some of
So I mix with flowers
Flavor of cleavage
Sizzling them flying pan
I made perfect gods
I called them pancake gods
I eat eat day after day
With sweet golden syrup
Finally I tired of them
No more pancake gods
I throw my gods out

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Krugman Nothingness

Prof Krugman completely gone silence. Wonder what happens to him, do you think he might dead? Or shaved his bear off and gone into another galaxy become an ET monk? That would be nice, wearing a nice cave man gear, which is made from stars and thread into black holes and carries a big bang. O that would be very sad for millions of people in this planet (if not billions)! But nice to an ET colony! Or probably he is sitting at cosmic mat chasing for his cosmic peaks!

Update: Wow Gosh what is going on Prof Proof roof woof whoop Krugman, everyone are waiting waiting!!!!!!! He might be in the dark cave creating his own universal and become a king of own galaxy. He might be kidnapped by ETs telepathy because they want to change his thinking for their way so that they can colonized the planet. Ahe I am the first citizen of the ET colony for sure! Want to learn their language. Lots of exciting different between them and us. Or may be kidnapped by his foes in the planet for his silences, they then put him at a submarine for his special mission for master mind another world war III for their evil colony. Wonder when he is coming back, lots of people wondering…their guessing where about him are very funny…H e is under stress for his undress!!

Update again: Prof Makinw says Prof Krugman lost his way around, so he surrenders with a white flag on and emerge from a submarine finally.

I can guess another way what happen to him, time machine kidnapped him; took him back to his grandpapa days see himself a distant who then not even thinking about born and lost his way back - lost of his time! That mean actually he lost of his time isn’t it? What is this mean than?

Friday, May 8, 2009


I tell you what, regardless what recent events, nothing taken away my infatuation of pirate. No matter what, in my eyes pirate never doing anything wrong. Though one thing I am bit disappointed by pirate ships, they should be like the pictures below not like modern ships. And also the crews should wear nice pirating cloths. I like pirates very much. The below nice grand image of a pirate ship I bootlegged from Wikipedia.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photos From NY Times

One is so enchanting one is so heartbroken…