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What is Going on Qusair

Syria conflict: Rebel reinforcements arrive in Qusair BBC

The source said that 80% of Qusair was still under rebel control, although this cannot be independently verified.He told the BBC: "There are about 30,000 people in Qusair. 
The ones that are inside are stuck here, and most of them live underground...
 Sometimes there are two or three families living in one room."There is no water at all, because the Assad regime controls the water supply, and there has been no electricity for four months."
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Via from the Syrian Days of Rage

Nunnery on the Bus- HA HA HA !!!!

The Nuns on the mission
The Nuns on the vision
Get into the bus
Get off the  bus
Kissing and hugging people
Congregation on the street
Walking on the street
Talking to the people
Hallelujah...Allahu akbar...
Catholic singing stars
Some people call them  rockstars
Some people call them mobstars
They are hot and sexy
Their Nunnery sizzle sizzle
The Mobstar Nuns
They are on the run
The love on the Wheels
The Nuns on the Wheel
I think they are multi-color singing star
And they are love star

From Al Jazeera 

Why Are You Sided with Doomed Loser Assad?

In my view Syrian Opposition should not hanging on so much what criminal Assad is saying, in fact he and his regime doomed, he has no future in Syria after all of this.  This revolution, when he gun pointed to the peaceful demonstrators he lost his legitimacy by any mean. He is a mere criminal, he has been supported by his few cronies with Iran and Russia et al,  whiles carried mess destruction and  genocides, he evokes Hezbollah fight the Rebel, try to evoke the Rebel fight with Israel,  try to evoke Iraqi Shia fight Suni Syria… so all the ground fight he manipulated to fight surrounding  neighboring countries fight the Rebels, i.e. Hezbollah and Iran soldiers are fighting on the ground, the wisest Palestine reject Assad’s kind offer into messy proxy fight for him!  This evil criminal thinks he can win this war by airstrikes everywhere  and chemical weapon here and there,  and  buy tens of fighter jets from Russia that make Russia happy!  Anyone can you see this evil criminal win this war and maintained his power? He has no power, that is why he killing people! All the tyrants ending is the same! The revolutionary would/should kill him!  Remember Russia also what criminal assad offer you the Revolutionary able to offer too! Why are you sided with doomed loser? 

Massacre 80, Wounded 800, 30,000 Civilan Trapped Inside Qusayr.


This video, uploaded to YouTube, shows injured people in the key strategic city of Qusayr, near the border with Lebanon, an activist and reporter has said.
The activist-reporter said that more than 80 people were injured as they were trying to evacuate injured residents of Qusayr in Homs.
He told Al Jazeera it was very hard to get the injured and other civilians out and more than 30,000 people were trapped

Homs | | short quite some :: massacre of at least  80 martyrs  dawn on 31/05/2013 fallen during our attempt to bring out the civilians and 800  wounded trapped  inside Qusayr!

Grumble Grumble…

 A thing come across, there is media interview Syrian people who are based on, especially Europe, - mind you revolution always based suppressed people rise against dictator/tyrant, mostly,  intellects( people who know too much they suffer because of they know too much, sometimes good for your mental health for less aware), students people who acutely are deprived i.e. under privilege peasants, sweatshop( Korea went through 1970s to 1980s,  recently Bangladesh building collapses, killed hundreds of people) against few 1-2% of thieving elite class( mind you I am not against elites, I respect entrepreneurship, they deserves reward as they take a huge risk and I respect entrepreneurs class in open society). That is why advance democracy, their key policies are based on increase middle class, through taxation ; redistribution wealth..( you should read some hotshots economists blogs,  they are all about equality,  how much taxed on elite, middles, social security net etc…)  through social harmony, that are advances democracy and yes they are also advance economies, i.e. western Europe and North Americas traditionally, now lots of countries catching up the models, focuses these advance economics, but recent years  also they have been suffering because of the imperfect models, currency crisis lead to  austerity etc… it says there are no perfect models for any government  make its people happy forever, so they spend on fortune social science  study systems and  human behavior try to make them happy endlessly so on… And also the advance democracies  have election,  The KING( the People) kick non-performance governments out and elect new one… so naturally the advance democracy,  democratically  elected government’s prime donna  guests are middle(majority votes) class, they are the powerhouse.  Anyway long story make short, having said that like under develop economies’ generally dictators /tyrants years years in power, they  focuses  1-2% political elite buy their loyalty by strip off majority people,  so the tyrant  polices focuses on the 1-2%, rest of population depraved or enslaved. Like Syria today, all these people who are against the criminal Assad  vast majority of under class for enduring their economic hardship and social injustice lest last 40 years. When this uprising start, most elite privilege class were left for Syria, and the vast majority under class are victim of criminal Assad sadistic genocides. So for media, they can not get into Syria, so some of media interviewed Syrian people who based outside Syria, Europe, they are longing for good old days of majority sacrifice to the monitory.  But the minority should know they may rich their little pockets, but their souls their countries forever ever poor, remain as second rated, socially morally inapt dysfunctional  forever ever, and these poor countries are forever threatened by, pushed around by superpowers,- when this ugly unattractive country has problems-  no superpower try to help but take advantage of,- fair enough and its internal social unrest forever ever until the dictatorial tyrannical injustice system come to end and make itself more attractive internationally. So media journalists, your souls are not rich by interview these runaway elitists who are seeking feeble little glory media attentions from their new safe living room far from Syria,  while their fellow Syrian are bloodshed,  were killed by! What is wrong with you media, all the power you have, bit of beautiful bias for sake of humanity!     

P.S. After many years, studying, reading and thinking, I  personally agree sweatershops in certain economies, had to in that way... that was part of painful Korea we have that wounds, we should not forget that so many young people gave their beautiful youth under deem neon  dim fluorescent lights...they are unsung heroes.  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bombing Syrian Revolution

Bomb after bomb...criminal Assad free to kill millions of civilian... their life is no life, merely  inconveniences for Assad way either his life or millions of Syrian life that is choice!

Criminal Assad, Iran and Russia all direct blame West, US and Israel  under banner of imperialism and protecting "terrorism" and Arab resistant...etc... while Russia endless shipment weapons, Iran free weapons military personal aid and Hezbollah free manpower killing Syrian people or give their life for criminal Assad... while Russia and Iran promoting peace talk or solution for Syria.... their  promoting peace conference  is a mask their evil intention of 1) make sure West et al not arming the Rebel... let them building  false hope for a "political settlement." 2) bidding time for Assad promotes a proxy war around the region under the banner of " Arab resistant to the Zionist state and West et al, it is getting messier messier. 3) Assad promotes his genocide against Syrian people uprising as " hunting terrorist".  Wow what a heck of killing proxy party... Russia says...I am the only one can sell my weapon  but no US West should support the Rebel so make sure the criminal win the middle east nicely become extremely radicalize, all sort of radical groups make their ardent nests for zests for whatever ideology they may have...  Middle East truly middle of everything and nothings! One criminal Assad hold 90% problems..., he is doing all the evil things his own survival nothing else!  DO NOT FORGET THIS IS SYRIAN PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION! 

Syrian Opposition to Boycott Geneva Talks

Head of Syrian National Coalition says opposition will not participate until siege of Qusayr ends.

The Opposition must be united!

Why Hezbollah Member Give Their Life for Assad?

 Hezbollah is attack Syrian people for protecting criminal Assad and his family! The Hezbollah members'  mothers should ask themselves why their precious sons give their life for  protecting criminal Assad? Why such senselessly give their sons preciously life for a tyrant who killed so many people?  They are not even fighting for Lebanon! They are not even fighting for their family? They re not even fighting for their enemy Israel? But they are fighting for criminal Assad and his family! And why they are killing  innocence Syrian people? Why? Surely Hezbollah mothers; didn't give their son's life for such senseless purpose! Life is living! Not dying or killing!

That's A Really Really Good Point!

Main Syrian opposition group says it won't participate in peace talks while massacres underway

Israel Attack First

Intelligence figures make attempt to prevent anti-aircraft weapons reaching Assad or others who could attack Israel

"We are unhappy with the prospect of these very serious weapons arriving in Syria but we cannot stop Russia delivering them to the Middle East. We would not strike a Russian target – our egos are big but they're not that big," one senior Israeli diplomat told the Guardian on condition of anonymity.

The Israeli military will not hesitate, however, to take any steps necessary to prevent the transfer of this sophisticated Russian anti-aircraft technology to Hezbollah militants or other hostile groups.

"I don't know how upset the Russians would be if, at some point between payment and the installation of this technology in Damascus by Russian experts, something was done to damage the weaponry. As long as no Russians were hurt and they got paid, I don't think they would care," the diplomat added. 

Yes Russia couldn't careless as long as they get paid…So Israelis should destroy as soon as the weapons arrival in Syria, that is much better than let criminal Assad  or Hezbollah access them. Assad no firepower  attack Israelis. 

Leader of Free Syrian Army: A massacre will happen in Qusayr If International Community Not Act

50,000 People in  Qusayr surrounded by criminal assad continue  airstrikes and Hezbollah at ground From CNN 

 Gen. Salim Idriss could may be the Opposition leader?    As soon as weapon and resources in his control, he can control vast majority of FSA...  

Syrian Rebels Pleased for Military and Medical Aid From Qusir

BEIRUT - Syrian rebels pleaded for military and medical aid in the embattled border town of Qusair on Thursday, saying they were unable to evacuate hundreds of wounded under an onslaught from government forces backed by Lebanese Hezbollah fighters.
"We have 700 people wounded in Qusair and 100 of them are being given oxygen. The town is surrounded and there's no way to bring in medical aid," said Malek Ammar, an opposition activist in the besieged town.
Rebels in Qusair sent out an appeal for support using social media outlets, saying the town near the Syrian-Lebanese border - straddling supply lines critical to both sides in Syria's civil war - could be devastated.

Russian Cashing in Syrian People’s Blood Money

AFP, Moscow
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday accused the Syrian opposition of seeking to disrupt plans for a peace conference by putting forward unrealistic demands.

“We are under the impression that the National Coalition and its regional sponsors are doing everything so as not to allow the start of the political process and achieve military intervention in Syria through any means possible,” Lavrov told reporters.
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Amazing, amazes me thick skinned Russian, with barked thick skinned were wearily!  Russia is an accomplice, helped criminal Assad, what right Russia to tell the Syrian people what to say what do not say! Syrian people ask international community kill criminal Assad by drones! What are killer drones is doing? Assad is million times more dangerous than any al Qaeda for heaven sake!  He exported bombs neighboring countries, supported al Qaeda- who knows around world- West US et al   soil bombings and killings were occurred, under banner of Islam extremists,- all these things helped Assad  against the Rebels. Russia is also  all sources of problems, it is very profitable positioning, in between, Russian cashing in Syrian people’s  blood money by selling weapons to Assad, -Iran offering free weapons to Assad-  Russia its indifferent stands, because of  US don’t-want-to-dos,  make them international gangster -prestige, maintaining its exclusivity by an accomplice criminal Assad! Anyway Syrian people should demand, Assad should be removed, and that is their right! Who has more right than they are!  Why international community let him alive while hundred of thousand of people were killed and all the region is become proxy messy!  Really amaze me!  O I forget and then Russia promote as if they are key player promoting peace talk! As I said many times if US West et al keep  Russia amorous bedding partner Russia will do more more become obnoxious for their standing so  may be they make Russia  impotent!  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Russia Weapon Business with Criminal Assad Regime

Criminal Assad  army general's weapons request to Russia   Sources from the Washington Post

The Syrian Arab RepublicThe Army & Air Force High CommandThe Army Supply Bureau12.03.2013 No. 61Syria, Damascus, P.O. Box 3361Tel. (+963-011) 212-53-86Fax: (+963-011) 212-29-39, 212-89-08OAO ROSOBORONEXPORTRussian Federation, Moscow, 119992, Gogol Boulevard 21Tel. (007-495) 202-66-03; fax (007-495) 202-45-94To the attention of General Director Mr. Isaykin A.P.Dear Mr. General Director,The Army Supply Bureau of the High Command of the Syrian Arab Republic presents itscompliments and informs of its interest in receiving technical and financial offers for the supplyof the below-listed arms and ammunition from your current production:1. 7.62 mm Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) 20,0002. KORD machine gun with mount 4003. KORD mini machine gun with bipod 1004. PKS machine gun with mount 4005. PK machine gun with bipod 1006. Vikhr assault rifle 2007. 14.5 mm single-barreled machine gun 608. Grenade launcher RPG-7 (set) 3009. 5.45 mm Kalashnikov stock-folded assault rifle 1,00010. 40 mm single shot under barrel grenade launcher GP-30 1,00011. 40 mm automatic grenade launcher 10012. 12.7 mm sniper rifle (set) 10013. AGS grenade launcher 2514. Ammunition for AGS grenade launcher 100,00015. 82 mm mortar rounds 100,00016. 120 mm mortar rounds 100,00017. 7.62x39 mm cartridges 15,000,00018. 7.62x54 mm cartridges 5,000,00019. 5.45 mm cartridges for short assault rifle 1,000,00020. 12.7 mm cartridges for machine gun 1,000,00021. 30 mm rounds for automatic grenade launcher 500,00022. Rounds for 40 mm single shot under barrel grenade launcher 500,00023. GP high-explosive grenades for RPG-7 10,00024. GP cumulative grenades for RPG-7 (regular) 10,000

25. Hand-held defense grenades 100,00026. Rounds for AK 7,62 mm 100,00027. 14.5 mm cartridges 500,00028. 12.7 sniper cartridges 10,00029. Sniper detectors 5030. Night vision goggles (PNV) 5031. Night vision sights for 12.7 mm sniper rifles 100Please direct your orders to appropriate agencies for working through the above-listed requestand in the shortest possible time frame deliver to us the requested technical and financial offers.Thankful for your cooperation,Kind regards,Division General Ali Al-SALIMDirector of the Army Supply Bureau for SAR CCOAO Rosoboronexport Damascus Director Stepanov A.B.

Love Optimism Endless Love

Optimistic .. Lemuel that optimism of us

Syria, her endless love...  most enchanting... 

They are besotted each other,  endless lovers even if the world end tomorrow they love each other... gorgeous lovers' smile! Syria, without criminal Assad!  Image from Syrian Revolution  

True Hezbollah Purpose is Lebanon become Part of Islamic Republic Iran

Hezbollah is to establish an Islam state under the rule of Islam.... 

Lebanon shoudl not be an Islamic republic on its own, but part of the Greater Islamic Republic, governed by the Master of Time... Iman Khomeini... Hezbollah's relations with Iran, and with the leadership of the Islamic Revolution in Iran...I am one of the people working for ...Hezbollah chief Nasrallah

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anything More Complex Than Tens of Thousands of People's Life?


 In my view make complex  to simpler way try to solve differences and unite the Opposition, if any member meet to the category to enter the Opposition membership, as every member who agreed and signed "in principal" the following things(detailed) and before they enter to the body as: 
1) Agreed to remove Assad 
2) Transnational government must balance both current existing people from regime and from the Opposition etc...
3)   New Constitutions 
4)  .... 
5) Etc
6) Etc
7) on...

So these binding"principals" agreement, is a safe guard of prevention, for any other future disagreement by among the members, that may paralyses its main purpose, so the principal agreement is more weight on "number of members" 

Deadly and Deeply Rational North Korea

Follow my leader - Book Review 

The Kim regime is despotic, deadly and deeply rational. It will not change

WESTERN politicians like to grandstand about North Korea, calling its leaders “mad”, “rogue” or “tinpot” (The Economist has been known to do this too.) In fact, North Korea is the world’s most rational despotic regime: a highly successful Communist absolute monarchy. Kim Jong Il, son of the country’s Stalinist founder, Kim Il Sung, failed as a leader by any of the usual standards—he enforced North Korea’s isolation and presided over a famine that killed between 400,000 and 2m people. But he succeeded in what counts. He lived a long time, died peacefully in late 2011 and passed power on to his son. In the same way that betting once raged about how briefly Kim Jong Il would last after his father’s death in 1994, so too are outsiders now calling time on North Korea’s fun-loving heir, Kim Jong Un (pictured). It may be a triumph of hope over experience.

For all its self-imposed isolation, North Korea since its inception as a Soviet creation in 1948 has depended for survival on a small, shifting, group of nations, which it has shaken down with consummate skill. Most aid these days is hoarded by the elites. But, as Mr Lankov explains, the regime did not set out to oppress its people. Kim Il Sung’s early promises included giving North Koreans a daily meal of meat soup and boiled rice, eaten under a tiled rather than a thatched roof. That appealed to a poor, agrarian people. Even today, after so much disillusionment, the ceaseless propaganda depicting the Kim dynasty as parents-in-chief, protecting a vulnerable nation from American and Japanese wolves, works to a remarkable degree.

Loyalty, however, was also won through ruthless purges of potential enemies, and through the North’s unique and horrifying songbun, a caste system in which families are classified as friendly, wavering or hostile, according to their historical, political and economic background. The efficacy of songbun as a tool of state control lies in it being forward-looking as well as regressive. Until recently, at least, not only did those suspected of disloyalty face official discrimination; so did their children and grandchildren. Whole families were thrown in the gulag.

 “The ceaseless propaganda…” a great book of forensic analysis…

Update: Bit of personal, recently I was asked  "...why are you not crack on North Korea?.." Very good questions, my answers was "...I am not sure... probably I am coward... or probably I am not ready yet... or probably ... I am afraid... or probably above of all ....I don;t know where to start....but it always there with me ...deeply ingrained as a burdensome agony..." so please bit of gentle and kind to me. 

FSA Still Control Qusair

Proof that Qusair is still under the control of the Free Syrian Army 27-05-2013   

So yet again criminal Assad lies... and another all these bombs went on and soldiers were killed on... Lebanon,  in my view Assad is doing it. These bombings no one interest and  get benefit from it but Assad only, as he wants everyone involved, fight proxy war party around boarder, Israel to Iran,  string up Turkey, poking on Palestinian to...  dead spangles Hezbollah and Iraq, Shia and Sunni... this kind messy proxy fighting is no one interest but only criminal Assad, his hoping West and US hand off because so messy... 

Life Enduring Life Syria

Interview with Daily Star
"The documentary aesthetic of Lens Young Homsi""Ahmad, of Lens Young Homsi, told the story of Firas, a 4-year-old boy living in a rebel-held area of the city."“One member took a photo of Firas. He was not doing...but...Read more 

Firas 4 Years Old 

Lens Young Homis

Lens Young Homis

Image from Homs 

Young Revolutionary His Duty

Deraa country: the martyrdom of smaller إعلاميي the shield activist Omar champion Petra 14 years died while covering battle spears Awali

He will be beautifully bloomed under the ever green laurel, he will dance with is finest freedom...!   
Been thinking 14 years old a child , look at him he is a child but he was a revolutionary, make me very sad that he was so young and died in that way,  his courageousness  his beautiful soul could have been a great asset to the future... Syria without Assad!     

Monday, May 27, 2013

EU Lifted Arms Embargo On Syrian Rebel

BRUSSELS (AP) — British Foreign Secretary William Hague says the European Union has decided to lift the arms embargo on the Syrian opposition while maintaining all other sanctions against Bashar Assad's regime after June 1.
Hague said after the meeting Monday that the decision "sends a very strong message from Europe to the Assad regime."

Thank EU, you will not regret it!