Friday, May 10, 2013

Middle East Middle Life Crisis

Russia supplying missiles to Syria: Lavrov

RUSSIA is completing its delivery of surface-to-air missiles to Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says, a move the United States has called destabilising.

"Russia is not planning to sell - Russia has sold and signed contracts a long time ago, and is completing supplies of the equipment - which is anti-aircraft systems, according to the already signed contracts," Lavrov told reporters in Warsaw on Friday.

He added that "this is not forbidden by any international laws, this is defensive weaponry."

Syria is become truly battle ground for hotshots' middle life crises!  My toy is bigger than yours! Nop,  my toys are super slick cooler than your feeble little old spunk! You wanna bet? Ok we test in here Syria OKKKKK?!  So middle east middle life crises go on…?! By the way when actually middle life crises end?  After middle life crises people  become wiser or become silly?