Friday, May 24, 2013

Just another bidding time

Criminal Assad agreed  to the peace talk ...  

Drags on, criminal Assad drags on, he has no intention of peace talk but, if he is not agreed with the talk the Opposition will be armed, also EU will be discuss regarding freeing up its arm embargo next few days, so he is bidding his time, pretend participates (suite Russia as well) next few days, until EU Foreign Ministerial meeting ends so he pretend agree after he will come up some lies again.  So in this senses EU must least flexible for  open its options up instead close it off. As long as the revolutionary is not armed by US et al and as long as Russia is arming Assad, he  thinks he can win this war! Of course the revolutionary says:  If all men die, there is woman, if all the women die there is children...even if the revolutionary takes 100 years they would never leave criminal Assad in power!   THAT IS FOR SURE!