Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Here World Media Vampire This Too!

The World media nothing more than a sensationalist flee! They feed to fat-remote-controllers with 308 380 degree of  instant grassy visual rollerblading screen shot. That is why their audience become instant addiction for stupidity they don’t need to think so they don’t feel, so the remote controllers are persistent vegetative state of being!  So called a rebel( not sure of whether it was true or not) grossly indecent act of violation of  on human body, yes condemnatory if it was true- yet again it hysterically  appears world media feed their sensationalism,    juts before UN Assembly  and  US- Russia lead peace of preached conference just around corner. Even if the violation is true, the rebel violation very very minor  to compare to criminal Assad has done to the Syrian people. So medias coverage is bias they didn't bonfire when hundred of people, mostly hundred of children were killed by terrorist Assad gang name of the sectarian cleansing!   So world media,  knowing your flee of commercialism to the vegetative state of beings, please feed this to your  the vegetative state of being too!

If you don't educated vegetative state of beings they would go grave for boredom so you don;t have any dummies audience at all! Smart market is much profitable and have a future!  

How do you feel if they are your loved one? 
Media you should be human too!  

Note: not all of the media ofcourse! 
The media very powerful( powerless?), they are misusing
their power also some of media they don't even 
bother to study their sources of information 
and they are bias( beautifully bias OK!)sake of
our humanity!  Yes I am bias but I am not media person
but I am a blogger I can afford bias utterly but
main media you can not afford it!