Monday, May 27, 2013

Chemical Warfare in Syria

Guerre chimique à Damas by lemondefr

Reporters for Le Monde spent two months clandestinely in the Damascus area alongside Syrian rebels. They describe the extent of the Syrian tragedy, the intensity of the fighting, the humanitarian drama. On the scene during chemical weapons attacks, they bear witness to the use of toxic arms by the government of Bashar al-Assad.  

France is consulting its partners over how to respond to increasing evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius says.
"There is increasingly strong evidence of localised use of chemical weapons," Fabius told reporters at a meeting of European Union foreign ministers. "That must all be verified, we
are doing that with other partners."
"We are consulting with our partners to see what concrete consequences that we are going to draw from this," he said. ... Read more

via Al Jazeera 


Here is also another sources, criminal Assad is using chemical weapons! 

DAMASCUS (27/05/2013): Video showing the possible chemical attack in the east suburbs of Damascus yesterday. At least 5 people were reported martyred with dozens of casualties, mostly in Harasta but also in Jobar and al-Qaboun neighbourhoods. The doctor is showing some of the injured and complaining of a lack of staff and medicine. Another chemical attack was reported in the village of al-Bahariyah, Damascus Countryside. via Syrian Uprising 2011