Saturday, May 4, 2013

World Heroes Battle

Free Syrian Army  is the Heroes of World! Their fighting is  for the freedom!   Liberation of millions of million people sufferings! Goodness of humanity! Judgement of criminal tyrants their evil malice! Brings the justice of world of humanity!  Their Battle is heroic battle for moral excellence beat not only unsc  but criminal assad!  Arming FSA NOW so that they can conquered this evil criminal Assad!

Click here read more how our heroes beat the criminal Assad gang! 

1- New explosions at the foot of the Qasioun Mountain in #Damascus , waiting for more for more details.

2- Reports of The Mennagh airport in #Aleppo has just been completely liberated.

1- Fires & massive destruction at 4th Division HQ reported by @LCC activists. #Syria

2- Reports of Large Number of 4th Division Soldiers Surrendering Themselves to #FSA Groups.

3- Activists and residents in Damascus have reported large explosions originating from Qasioun Mountain, a strategic military position for the forces of Bashar al-Assad.

By the way the 4th Division is criminal Assad's brother is command, obviously comes to ends....

UNCONFIRMED: Convoy of over 30 vehicles have left presidential palace in Mezzeh. Reports that buildings in same complex were torched

We are hoping the criminal Assad is dead!!