Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enjoyable Three Dimensional Dream

I have an awesome dream I ride a kind taxi and flying( driving through) three dimensional space busy traffic, dark cloudy or twilight dark all dark colour people and cars buildings street cityscapes  there is no light, it has been dark ending twilight without single light, I told the person who are driving saying that "Wow we are flying not driving" then the person agreed with me, not saying anything but smug kind of way agree with me, it was very gracefully enjoyable driving(flying) and finally we are landing -very wide street but it was narrowed by dark skeleton shape of steel made stuffs that array both side of the street- at a street front of every cars and can see just front of us a open wide cross road section much brighter than then where we were,  it was most smooth landing front of every cars soft enjoyable landing!  What a graceful enjoyable dream I had!