Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Syrian People’s Revolution

Lens Young Homsi
All grim reality of Syria as out of control. West US refused to early intervention lead to a situation where Russia takes leverage of this proxy regional conflict. That is what criminal assad wanted so that make sure  West US hesitate to involved this unintended mess.  Russia arm shipment to criminal Assad continues and deploy its warships around Mediterranean Sea flanking its muscles, same as US et al warships around who is the bigger better more deadly!  Iran die hard pledge to protect criminal Assad because out of its own desperation and also Hezbollah its own feeble lodging unsavoury attachment with criminal Assad, Israel try to figure out which direction wind blow, never mind they try to mastermind direction of wind..  Kremlin very proudly hosted few leaders about Syria conflict and  talking peace at a beautifully crafted surroundings, showed off its grandiose to the world that how beauty can be so gruesome reality of heartless power-mongering, yes some of the leaders went to the Kremlin for fellowship for gruesome killing! Russia  consider as they are the master of the ship in this uncharted conflict!  Nevertheless they know, nothing has been and will not be changed soon, but they come up “ peace conference” and they cling on it as if  a midnight moon,  shining deadly at a gravestone, while they are back-knifing each others and some of key EU countries singing a graveyard theme song for “ give a chance to the peace conference…” not arming Free Syrian Army.   So ever since the Syrian conflict start, the world attitude still the same  but endless  meetings after meetings that bid time for  the superpowers can be seen as doting something of their extraordinary duty but  doting of nothing. West et al endless excuses after excuses after, refuse to arm “good guys” without any good reason but “extremists”. Criminal Assad read fast in-between lines west and US arch hates “extremists” now he is selling his immensely inhuman terrorist barbaric killing spree is under banner of “hunting terrorists” and very coy about US's feeling and try to sell to US et al  his is a better option than the Syrian revolutionary. But who is going to buy this tainted criminal who comes with hefty baggage of whole lots of killings and last 40 years history.  Also I can not help but thinking that  since Al- Qaeda doing everything for money, who knows criminal Assad paid Al Qaeda (Assad himself very close to Al Qaeda too  and share same enemy)  to do lots of bombing around world to make sure provoke negative feeling to West and US toward to  Syrian uprising, as mere  majority Sunni Muslims terrorism against criminal Assad alawite,  while criminal Assad concentrate sectarian cleansing so make sure the world see the  Syrian revolution tainted as sectarian conflict instead the Syrian people uprising criminal Assad family 40 years rules.

The world lost plot... saying goes… But for sure, this Syrian resolution will not fail! Why?  Because of Syrian people’s revolution! We can see the change already been made and  progressively its making. Change is always painful and chaos regardless its size.