Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bombing Syrian Revolution

Bomb after bomb...criminal Assad free to kill millions of civilian... their life is no life, merely  inconveniences for Assad way either his life or millions of Syrian life that is choice!

Criminal Assad, Iran and Russia all direct blame West, US and Israel  under banner of imperialism and protecting "terrorism" and Arab resistant...etc... while Russia endless shipment weapons, Iran free weapons military personal aid and Hezbollah free manpower killing Syrian people or give their life for criminal Assad... while Russia and Iran promoting peace talk or solution for Syria.... their  promoting peace conference  is a mask their evil intention of 1) make sure West et al not arming the Rebel... let them building  false hope for a "political settlement." 2) bidding time for Assad promotes a proxy war around the region under the banner of " Arab resistant to the Zionist state and West et al, it is getting messier messier. 3) Assad promotes his genocide against Syrian people uprising as " hunting terrorist".  Wow what a heck of killing proxy party... Russia says...I am the only one can sell my weapon  but no US West should support the Rebel so make sure the criminal win the middle east nicely become extremely radicalize, all sort of radical groups make their ardent nests for zests for whatever ideology they may have...  Middle East truly middle of everything and nothings! One criminal Assad hold 90% problems..., he is doing all the evil things his own survival nothing else!  DO NOT FORGET THIS IS SYRIAN PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION!