Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Huge Battle

Any religions ideologies that are terrorizing and killing innocence people along with tyrants will become myopia! World is not interesting in anything that not serve to collective interest "peace and security". What is Hezbollah role in this conflict? Their enemy is Israel because of its alliance with Iran, because of Iran so therefore Israel is Hezollah's enemy. But why they attacked Syrian people? Why they interfere Syrian revolutionary sided with criminal tyrant Assad who killed  80,000 innocence people? If Hezbollah silence this conflict they would be a conformable position in Syria future. Their sided with criminal Assad is very shot sighted. Well all the Hezollah Party member mothers rise up against the Hezollah party, as  the party is a killing machine their precious sons for protecting criminal Assad!  Lets face it criminal Assad has no future! Why allied with a loser? Nicely packaged Hexollah members's yellow body bags will become a yellow sky for their mothers!