Thursday, May 16, 2013

Neither Peace Nor War!

Arab anger

Despite the angry feelings of most Arabs, this is also a huge mistake for at least one reason; the peace conference will fail to convince Bashar al-Assad of stepping down. Even if he appears convinced, he would only be maneuvering and lying by convincing others that he should stay until the end of his term next year, after which he will break his promises.

The value of the conference 

What is the value of a conference when it is impossible to convince Assad of immediately stepping down and when it is impossible to stop the revolution against him? Both aspects are certain truths. Imposing the conference on the fighters will only increase anger and weaken moderate powers that will lose popular support. Thus, the winds will change and the public mood will shift in favor of extremist fighters.
The Russians appeal to everyone’s sentiment by speaking of maintaining the unity of Syria and maintaining the regime’s structure in order to prevent chaos and civil war. This is noble concept which we do not expect a man, one who uses warplanes, tanks, missiles and cannons to shell cities and towns on almost daily basis, to commit to.