Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Palestinian Should not Manipulated by Criminal Assad

Syria gives Palestinian militant group go-ahead to attack Israel

Yes Palestinian their enemy is Jews, they have right to rage and hate Israel  but do not confused by your   right to rage attacked Israel  but not because criminal Assad ask you do so, that make very clear to Palestinian, if Palestinian are fighting with Jew because of Israel airstrike and criminal Assad give you go to attack Israel, that  is wrong they  are against Syrian people. This instant Palestinian should silence to reserve their position and resources that is much wise choice for the Palestinian. Soon or later they have to peace.  Why should you sided with loser?  When you are killing people like this that is end of you!  Whole world see this killing!  You should not sided with this killers!  

Update : Fatah: Resistance doesn't take orders from Syria  
...The resistance, according to the statement, does not take orders from any party in respect to the Syrian situation.