Monday, May 6, 2013

Massacre in Banyas & Need to Create Alawite Enclave

Leaked Video: #Assad Gang Admits to the Massacre in Banyas & Need to Create Alawite Enclave - Free #Syria

See carefully the faces of assad criminals gangs who carried out the appalling hundred of people  genocide cleansing at Baniyas, see the face of butchers, that is how  the world should remember what is criminal face of the appalling genocide! If you see this criminal faces human being you are insulting yourself being a human!

    An articele from FP 
...The geography of Banias and Bayda is important for understanding these attacks. Both are located in the governorate of Tartous, which forms part of the heartland of the Alawite sect, the community to which Assad belongs. Destroying these Sunni enclaves could be a precursor to creating an "Alawite statelet" along the coast if Assad loses Damascus -- or it could simply be a reflection of the fact that the regime sees any sizable Sunni community living near Alawite cities and villages as inherently hostile.
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