Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Anything More Complex Than Tens of Thousands of People's Life?


 In my view make complex  to simpler way try to solve differences and unite the Opposition, if any member meet to the category to enter the Opposition membership, as every member who agreed and signed "in principal" the following things(detailed) and before they enter to the body as: 
1) Agreed to remove Assad 
2) Transnational government must balance both current existing people from regime and from the Opposition etc...
3)   New Constitutions 
4)  .... 
5) Etc
6) Etc
7) Etc...so on...

So these binding"principals" agreement, is a safe guard of prevention, for any other future disagreement by among the members, that may paralyses its main purpose, so the principal agreement is more weight on "number of members"