Saturday, May 25, 2013

Victors of Victors

O Allah, owner of King bear the king of like and tend king who wants and Taiz like and humiliated of want remove the king and the tyranny of the criminal Bashar and his cronies and break شوكتهم, teams collect and Mark guile in Tbab and show us those black day as a day of back and Thamood and heal بذلهم and defeated Lord breasts of folk who are believers God Amen

O Allah bless every steps of our heroes, brings the victory every steps of they move! Please kind Allah remember how can you let tyrants Assad alive while so many innocence people killed and caged by him, so make sure Allah please listen to the freedom fighters, their heroic passionate Journey! Remember so many people suffering because of criminal Assad! You should not blind of justices!

Freedom is our own birthright no tyrants take away from us our birth rights, no one above us no one below us we made all equal,  that is we are fighting for, so kind wise Allah you should remember  this please!