Friday, May 24, 2013


When people keeping saying stop arming the FSA Revolutionary, if arm them  that would be more escalate this conflict, that may be,  but what would  you want? Arm them and get over it!   Either the Rebel complete wipe out by fighting to death or They Win! That is the option!  Not arming the FSA, this left for  Syria is slow death by stalemate, that may be drag on a hundred years! Do you think the Rebel give up? NO!  They will not give up so the stalemate on and the fight keep going on…  Every play they must have a climax...

This is war, how would you fight to war? How would you fight war with non-lethal weapons?  Then you know the FSA Rebel must be armed!  Criminal Assad will not peace talk as long as Russia arm him and as long as US et al not arm the FSA! Simple is that.