Sunday, May 26, 2013

EU et al Must ARM The Syrain Rebel

An ideal situation, you never have to worry of  risk of your weapons end up bad guys but only good guys. But every decision has a risk there is no such free risk decision. Currently the situation like Syria not arming the Rebel is greater risk of the conflict to stalemate  as:

i) Without sufficient firepower to the Rebel, the Rebel can not defeat the criminal regime easily. ii) Where Russia and Iran arming criminal Assad and Hezbollah supply him men, then Assad thinks he can defeat the rebel so he refuse to any peace talk or to settle anything but fight. iii) The stalemate increases a greater humanitarian disaster. iv) The Rebel will not give up, they will fight with their last man until they defeat criminal Assad that case this war can be a hundred years war. v) So the balance of power should/must shift to, least equal to or greater to the Rebel, so both the Rebel and Assad have incentive to talk each other. v i) The incentive can be to the Rebel is removing Assad power, for Assad incentive he/his cronies safe passage to out...etc.

Update: Just news around Assad regime Foreign Ministers went Iraq  midst of Sunni Muslim  toward to Syria to help to their brethren and also justt before EU Foreign Ministers meeting re: sanctions, knowing the criminal Assad always something come up just ahead these meetings- so be aware criminal Assad propaganda evil pretension and their lies!