Thursday, May 30, 2013

Israel Attack First

Intelligence figures make attempt to prevent anti-aircraft weapons reaching Assad or others who could attack Israel

"We are unhappy with the prospect of these very serious weapons arriving in Syria but we cannot stop Russia delivering them to the Middle East. We would not strike a Russian target – our egos are big but they're not that big," one senior Israeli diplomat told the Guardian on condition of anonymity.

The Israeli military will not hesitate, however, to take any steps necessary to prevent the transfer of this sophisticated Russian anti-aircraft technology to Hezbollah militants or other hostile groups.

"I don't know how upset the Russians would be if, at some point between payment and the installation of this technology in Damascus by Russian experts, something was done to damage the weaponry. As long as no Russians were hurt and they got paid, I don't think they would care," the diplomat added. 

Yes Russia couldn't careless as long as they get paid…So Israelis should destroy as soon as the weapons arrival in Syria, that is much better than let criminal Assad  or Hezbollah access them. Assad no firepower  attack Israelis.