Monday, December 31, 2012


I want this year belongs to the giant love.

That belong to me and my beloved and belong to all these lovers and all these pearly eyes innocence friends around the world.

I want love that blooms at the bluest sky mighty white wings flying with heavenly freedom to every one of us.

I want love that blooms at the multihued laurel, stretches its branches to cities towns and all corners of world. 

I want giant feet love that walks with warmth and open the world of every frozen door and lit the light.

Then downtrodden love open its face to the heaven, open its heart to his new finding beginning and his bright future.

Our giant love then opens to us boundless horizon we can see our dreams and hopes all the possibilities.  

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dreaming of Home!

Great children's wishes

 When Assad Regime falls we go home happily …we are waiting for the news for regime fails… of course the heaven heard your wishes...!

I like her very much the way how she talks, she is very smart - all the children in this clips of course so smart, sweet and their innocence broke our heart-  their endurance and optimism irresistible to the world! How can you  not love them? How can you betray their trust their hopes their dreams?  Hurry up world! 


Qatar promised to the Syrian Opposition all kinds of help to  Syrian people successful  establishing  their intern government. 

Qatari always has been a visionary!

Hugging Bundle of Hopes

Great Turkish people!

A Scam Gone with 2012

Russia fanatical last minute road show try to sell their fancy scam “cure all” Syrian problems-scaremongering dialog parties end with a cold icy frozen flat reaction from the Syrian Opposition!  You see, Syrian people are unimpressed by bogus road show! And they have nothing to loss, then they are only gain whatever they do or they don’t do! If international community doesn't want the region turn into fire nest then they have to remove terrorist Assad! That is simple! So no more searching for “cure all” the cure all is “ remove terrorist Assad.”  That is what the Syrian people want! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

NO More Lies

Suddenly Russia is calling for all side dialog, become a saver for Syrian conflict, they invite all of parties in Russia, to parties with all the parties of, end of the years whole sale cheap diplomacy, and  bargaining parties for the world.  The Syrian Opposition said they don't want to bargain with terrorist Assad, Russia said that is "dead end" WHILE this criminal terrorist Assad is pounding airstrikes around Syria to try to bargain their dead end position!   Homs, terrorist Assad's destruction!

Without removing Assad first, and if Syrian people were asked to come to the negotiation table, I think their reaction is predicable, and that is not "dead end". To be frank simple thinking, terrorist Assad is a nobody, but a criminal,  he was happen to be a son of dictator who had stolen Syria from Syrian people for decades for his own family! Like his father he is a killer!  It is time to return Syria her rightful owner!  International community must obligate.  He has no right destroy Syria completely utterly, turn Syria into another Somalia! Syria is not belong to Assad family but 23 million Syrian people's, Assad never have been  a  choice of people, but he was a product of system, which was created by his father.  The system never mean to sustainable. Moreover when he had a chance to change it  but instead he choose to kill his people, whose demand was "change", that was his choice and  his ending!  So international community no more delay no more crocodile honor of obligation of mere terrorist criminal Assad fate but their obligation is Syria and Syrian people destiny.  

To be frank, do Syrian people need Russia crocodile diplomacy?  Do Syrian people need still terrorist Assad opinion whether he has a right or choice to remain his position?  That both his master Russia and himself should understand that that is not up to his choice but the choice is Syrian people’s. that is fact!  It is a endgame,  terrorist criminal Assad fanatical kowtow to his Kremlin master save his deadend life!  His master is  Syrian people he should kowtow to his people for begging for his life not the Russian!  If he had known that fact, he never made a fatal mistake by gun point his own masters! But tyrants are not only stupid but also  coward!

Mr Brahimi says, Syrian people have two choice “ hell or political solution” also possible 1 million  refugees from Damascus  to neighboring countries…if this conflict continues.  We don’t know  what discussion he had with his” honored meeting’  with terrorist-criminal-nobody-Assad, but Russian official said that “ Assad is not going anywhere, if he doesn't want go we can not ask him to go…etc.!”  So this is a black mail to international community is that,  terrorist Assad not going but fight to his end, turn Syrian into a major destruction so international community must accept terrorist own terms of a political settlement - O man, can you believe and nice try but Syrian people is not deceived by his cheap shot- save his neck and that is supported by his Kremlin masters! Well, again his masters and terrorist Assad himself forget that, that is their own game but not the Syrian people game.  Why Syrian people need to bargain? They are wining the game for heaven sake! Or Allah Akbar!   Also to Brahimi Syrian people was in a hell last 22 months, what would be difference if terrorist Assad still alive in Syria?  

Friday, December 28, 2012

What is on Syria Today!

Street vendor is selling fruits! 

Side by side all Syrian, who said Syria is sectarian? They lived side by side hundred of years!

Check Mate!!
Heck of cool game mate, You are the last mover to pluck his neck and say " check mate!" 

Bomb Rain in Syria

Russia marines carried out exercise at Mediterranean Sea near Syria as preparing for possible terrorist attack of their Naval base, yeah terrorist  Assad attacking!

The below from very well known revolutionary at Homs
Regardless of everything!!! How can Russian and is a major and essential partner in the killing of Syrians to lead a political initiative to save their lives?!?!
After three vetoes,  all of sudden, Russia is a primadonna fairy for calling for mediation all parties negotiation for solving this bloody Syrian problems as "Time running out for this bloody problems!" And they say they deeply concern Syrian conflict, Syrian problems is their internal problems.  While  Russia deployed their naval ships embark at Mediterranean Sea ready to protect their interests,  terrorist Assad gang went to meet their masters, cling on Kremlin pipe string for their survival. Their masters told terrorist Assad gangs that they have to talk with their opponent, same time Russia invited the Opposition to talk, the Opposition chief said " Nop we are not going to Russia to talk, but we are open to talk to anyone! You condemn criminal Assad his regime first....! "    AND WHILE, massive bombing and killing around Syria! Why?

Update: In my view Russia must to come to clean their hand and, stop supporting criminal Assad first, least that way they can start from any point. Syrian people after all of this, they will not back down, half -barked  tearful crocodile plea to ask the Syrian Opposition come to a negotiation table, well that is insulting! What is called protecting criminal? There is no such honor code for criminals, criminals are criminals!

Update: Russia has supplied arms and money to support the terrorist regime while they keep saying " Syria is internal problems!" Now the terrorist Assad is losing so they want to talk with the Opposition!

Church of New World

Great Resilient Children

The great hope of the Syria, their smiles their resilience..., the world should learn  from their pearly innocence  presences!  Yes you can hardly not notice of their great strength and staying power! good on you dear little friends, because of you,  the grown ups  try more harder!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is On Syria!

Urgent | You can see on this map that the radar signal for #Aleppo International Airport has completely disappeared after the FSA got closer to capturing it today. The map shows the radar for Damascus, Beirut, and Adana, but clearly not Aleppo. We are God Willing getting closer to victory!
Click the picture  for a bigger view if you can't see 
URGENT | All the lights of #Aleppo International Airport have gone off and the airport radar has fully disappeared!
BREAKING NEWS | The #FSA has taken down an #Assad MiG flying over the Northern #Idlib Suburbs of #Syria! God Is Greatest! May God turn Assad's army against him and bring of the destruction of his regime!

BREAKING NEWS | The Defection of Brigadier General Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, the Deputy Police Chief and the Head of the Joint Security Commission of the Province of Hama.  

#breaking #news | the defection of the brigadier muhammad ali Hasoon, the director of the #assad military academy in Aleppo! 

Everyone jumping off from the sinking ship! 

Exchange Prisoners

That is good! Never been their fault!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Yeah catches bullets instead butterflies, learning nature all the same, whether you are sleepy village  or midst of destruction, these  who learn in that hard way they will never fail in their life! Every day,  I have immense respect and admiration of  great Syrian people, how they endure their incredible suffering and hardship with grace, courage, fortitude, humor and optimism! The world should learn from Syrian people, how make this world better places!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Godly Work

Whoever make end this immense suffering of Syrian people  that is god's work! whoever capture criminal Assad that is is godly work!What is god for? The god should be Syrian people side! I believe  god if the god would help Syrian people to end their suffering!

Urgent | The Defection of the Head of the #Assad Military Police in all of #Syria defecting and joining the dignified revolution! God Is Greatest!

Season of Shopaholic

So many talks, media scavenge cyber space, one way straight street talking,  eaten beaten carbonized word of wording into their stuffed mouth, stiffed starched white snowy charismas pudding bowel.  All these fat people hard wired noses into their wine glass, tingles tingles silvery spoonfuls vengeful attacking of their rose-buck still life in a bank river. Endless message from god/godless of messengers shopping mall whole sale, people are  magnificently knitted out their brain-drain  try to make a quack buck  for their  season of greeting! Why  the street so rude?  Why so many people demand? Why is this season of shopaholic? WHILE  another side of world, people are killed on line of bread!  Astonishing capacity of human cruelty, sadistic criminality nature and  human capacity that able to endures! Yes, all that,  human species are  marvels when come to survival and evolution!  

Darwinist? Or Atheist?

I think Prof Dawkins is a Dawkinst! He is preacher of Dawkinsm! 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fighter Jet Bombed Bread Line Kill 90 People

How could this happen?
How could the world let this happen?  
Where is the NO-FLY-ZONE? 

World is nothing more than a stupid drug addicted useless pimp of fat superpower of few, let them whoring their own agenda expense of Syrian people’s blood!

The FSA revolutionary so much gain on the ground, airstrike is the problems, also there evidence terrorist Assad not only scud missile but also lethal gas attack too!

So much agony, so much death, you know whoever benefit from this agony, they will be not so good, their  end will be agony too! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

NO-FYL-ZONE Heroes Hooray!

Al-Nusra Front (Jubhat al-Nusra), a group of fighters in Syria, has declared what it called 'no-fly-zone' over Aleppo, stating that the Syrian regime's army is using commercial flights to transport military gear and troops.
In a video sent to Al Jazeera, the group warned any civilians of boarding commercial flights to avoid being used as human shields.
They also confirmed laying siege on the al-Nairab airfield, adding that any plane over the skies of Aleppo will be targeted.
Al-Nusra told Al Jazeera they will use anti-aircraft guns of 23mm and 57mm caliber to down planes.
The US, earlier this month, has put al-Nusra on its list of terrorist organisations.
For more on What has been happening in Syria, read our latest story.
Hooray Al-Nusra Front hero! I don;t care whoever they are, they helped Syrian people they fight for Syrian people, they are imposing  No-Fly-Zone so they are my hero!  Thank you,  Al-Nusra Front!

No More Blood
Yes, freedom and victory to Syrian People!  

Yes, we can do! Sheer determination!! FACE OF VICTOR!

hanging terrorist Assad at the gallow

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Arming Anti Aircraft Weapon to FSA

There is no solution but unless one sided precise wining, without it there is no parties willing retreat their position, then why not US et al arming the FSA revolutionary anti aircraft weapons so that they can forward this conflict, that has been beginning of this conflict it is same position. UN needed 1,5 billions appeal, how long that last? Unless ending of this conflict that would be bottomless pit. there is always risk any decisions.

Faces of the Victors
Heroes of all season
Heroes in mission
Of-course  the most great brand in the world! Free Syria! 

Extremely Grateful to Extremists!

Richard Engel: "Ahrar al-Sham saved my life." #Syria

WoW,  Ahrar al-Sham Islamist  group! They are extremely extremists  too! They should blacklist too!  Every imminent fighting groups are all extremism on the ground, all of them should make a blacklists!  A huge phobia,  need a thick blanket and shivering shivering...!I am not afraid them neither Syrian people on the ground! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Victory Going on and On...

BREAKING NEWS | The #FSA release a statement from the city of Halfaya, #Hama, announcing its complete liberation from Assad's gangs! God Is Greatest!

Bread Lines

The lines bread lines....

A Time to Change the Deck!

1)      Russia secretly mobilize warship for evacuation  of their citizens  in Syria. They made statements of admissions and denials of their ditch-non-ditch honorable-non-honorable camaraderie terrorist Assad dummies.
2)      Iran also hold hand with Russia and saying they are not ditch-never-ditch-but-already-ditched terrorist Assad for sake of their cheap-loyalty card for their last card for their deck. And they are unduly conformation of  terrors Assad ship is not sinking but they are salvage work at his already sunken ship.
3)      Syrian Opposition trumpeting their foghorns” be merry, be happy, come to our ship, we save you! We will not kill you, you will safe with us!”  
4) I say it is a time to change the deck!  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Final Stage!

Yeaha Syria you hang him at the gallows, and kick the chair!

head or tails

You don’t need to be a statistician to figure out the probability, when terrorist Assad start to firing his guns to innocents’ people after innocent children set out their inquiring minds to expressive graffiti  on the wall, these children were arrest tortures and killed, instead nourished their inquiring minds for grow, you see children never lie never lie such things! They don’t know how to lie…  then that was beginning of  his endings.  He was afraid of children, that is why he targeted on children, so many of them were killed and tortured. Nothing magic about, after all of these his life is out of equation.   I am so happy that there is always goodness prevail that I learned from cradle songs, I never change my belief!  Russia and Iran are abandoning him that is unavoidable faith of tyrants.

Up To the Syrian People

Syrian VP calls for 'historic settlement,' national unity government

(CNN) -- Syria's vice president is calling for a "historic settlement" of the country's civil war and the creation of a national unity government, according to an interview with a Lebanese newspaper to be published Monday.

"The solution has to be Syrian, but through a historic settlement, which would include the main regional countries, and the members of the U.N. Security Council," newspaper al-Akhbar quoted Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa as saying in excerpts released Sunday
Al-Sharaa, a Sunni Muslim in a government dominated by the country's Alawite minority, was rumored to have defected to Jordan in August, but he later resurfaced in Damascus.

Syrian rebels have said they are open to the idea of al-Sharaa leading an interim government -- an idea proposed by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in October.

Davutoglu told Turkish media then that al-Sharaa is not to blame for the mass bloodshed in the country…

I believe, at the sinking ship some of regime members of worry about their faith, that is fine but terrorist Assad must go that is condition, to be frank  except few of his cronies all of Syrian are victim of this criminal Assad his family. Now up to the Syrian people really! As this is another option too!  BTW could we ditch the unsc if possible…? They are useless bunch of old cheap Chartism Christmas decoration sneering snarling lights flicking on , take out year after year without any meanings.   Clearly terrorist regime losing, as his regime officials able to make a such  statement. 

Update: my spelling, I am so lucky that people all understand my wording even if I made wrong spelling!!! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Terrorist Assad Ship is Sinking

Feel for the day! Clearly  Our Team is winning, that is right Our team! Terrorist Assad ship is sinking! Everyone protecting their position by saying something but one thing so clear we must vigilance! Why the world fear of Muslim? They went out peaceful demonstration, their children their loved once  have been killed or tortured   by terrorist Assad  gangs so they took up guns for protecting their children and their loved once  that has happen to be Muslim majority Majority of Muslim in Syria happen to be!), that is not mean Syria necessary turn into Islam state post terrorist  Assad! Gosh!  

Take Advantage Both Side of Coin

FSA  revolutionary on the ground, do not give the world community excuse not to help them, it is very hard to think rationally and critically not to emotional about but what the FSA revolutionary, need US and West help to deliver successful less bloody revolution. Every resources the revolutionary need now.  West et al not  interfering but their own interest they can not afford not to help Syrian people successful revolution. they want the region is stable.  If I were Syrian people I take full advantage both side of coin, we take advantage of what West and US offer same time, we take advantage what the courageous, eminent  al-Nusra heroes offer to us. That is not necessary going to be free Syria to another Islam extremist state or West US colony  but Syrian  people need expert fighters in their sides and also what resources  US et al offers to us. Everything whatever available must utilizes  to win this battle. Not only arms for the front line  battle but also make sure civil system in order, delivering  civil serves to the people liberate areas and post terrorist
Assad too. International community able to help lots of these.  So  the FSA revolutionary  people  don’t give  advantage  of terrorist Assad  excuse this “ extremists Al Qaeda, etc…. So the FSA revolutionary on the ground , need hard critical thinking, in this case we have to think head not heart, where is everyone coming from. We need take advantage of both side; well oiled West US and  well skilled fearless al-Nusra et al. I know it is hard, West et al  didn't help Syrian people last 20 months,  as the international politics is heartless, but the ground revolution don’t burn the bridge.  US and west they have phobia of al Qaeda, I think message enough cross to the US what Syrian people think of fearless al-Nusra, from now the revolutionary must message cross to the international community that  their determination of post terrorist Assad, Syria is  free for all the Syrian people regardless their sects  their religions. We also need someone out there selling this revolutionary too. The revolutionary consider everything is resources which can be utilized successful this great project for Syria!   

Saturday, December 15, 2012

World of Hypocrisy

World community asks FSA revolutionary do this and does that without helping them, while their children are killed, hungry and orphans. International community should ask themselves, if they are in their situation what would you do? Need compassion with critical thinking, I think! 

As You Can See Why

We have to open mind about whole thing, end of the day Syrian people on the ground they have been suffering most, last 20 months has been lonely, -not everyone, ordinary people on the ground who paid their own blood for this revolutionary, - can not be always rational, probably they don;t understand complex world politics, why superpower so much calculate and they have been abandonment them, they only know their loved ones were killed  their Syria is destroyed,  you can not wipe off their sentiment the very feeling of human beings, what is motivated them what make them so brave, what make them so courageousness, willingly give their only one life what they believe and they love,  you can not force them do so that is come from within themselves.

Bright Star at Sky

{Faithful men believe it maaahedo God it}
Name: Yousef Keloidalis
Title: Abu ULI
Work: Colonel in the Union Brigade
Rank: Shahid
Final task: to lead the infantry school in editing battle of Aleppo as's womb God any HA hero

He lead successively lead the  major battle for a military academy on Saturday, his brigade said. He gives his life to his beloved Syria! His love token will be cherished medallion of  free Syria! Sleep peacefully hero!  Glittery star at the night sky along with so many unsung heroes guide this great journey!  

FSA Rebel Consecutively Victory

Cham:: urgent Island: free army announces full control over military infantry school in Aleppo of the KB I.N

They can not help themselves on and on.... 

Need to Think About This

Useless unsc

I hate unsc!      When are they going to be dead?

Syrian People Laughing Their Bread Crisis

Cham: photo story Memorial Photo for some young people after their bundle of bread.Baccalaureate certificate no joy!!

Inside Syria, there is crisis of bread, so Syrian people joke about their situation! Anyway, nice to see  their laughing about their crisis, for the International community is not laughable matter!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Can See Terrorist Criminal Faith?

All the tyrants, all the criminals whose power based human suffering their end is all the same! I am not making it up!  Sake of millions of people suffering, the Internationale community must decisively arming the FSA revolutionary that make the criminal's end forward fast!  Why he has right breath still  while so many innocent people were killed and millions of people have to suffer? 

Multicultural Demonstration

BYO of your flavor demonstration; there will be heck of party! There is heck FSA revolutionary ground gain, everywhere!



But we must vigilance until the end!

Open Road for Victory

The Children Pearly glittering eyes, the world open for them, promises hopes dream all pack into  open road for their great victory!

Hope in his basking! his heartfelt music rodes with bejeweled victory tune for street affair!

Russia Should Do Their Number Work!

Russia Steps Back From Envoy’s Comments on Syria

MOSCOW — The Russian Foreign Ministry distanced itself on Friday from comments by its Middle East envoy, who was widely quoted on Thursday as saying that rebels in Syria are making significant gains and may defeat President Bashar al-Assad.

Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told the Public Chamber, a Kremlin advisory group, that it was “impossible to rule out a victory of the Syrian opposition,” in comments that were immediately made public by Russian wire services. The statement appeared to signal a turn in the nearly two-year-old conflict and presented new evidence that the Syrian president was losing politically as well as militarily.
A statement from The Foreign Ministry which was published on its Web site on Friday, said that Mr. Bogdanov “has not given any announcements or special interviews to journalists in recent days,” suggesting that his comments were given informally and not meant for publication.
To be frank,  the world didn’t expect Russia change its stand without any compensation also we don’t believe  Bogdanov  made a such statement without prior Kremlin approval. Anyway, we are welcome Russia if they can see truly what is going on  ground( obviously they can see so clearly ) and ready to jump on the bandwagon rest of world, still Russia preserve their position middle east (reminds  Muslim population is 2 billions around world), sentiment of Muslims re: Syrian issue,  Russia should consider!  If Russia thinks, they can still get out something by sheltering on terrorist Assad wreckage ship, hold on criminal hand, well then that is up to them. End of the day numbers! But they come to open discuss with rest of the world then this conflict may will be less bloodshed.  Also Russia should consider, terrorist Assad chemical weapon hangings over their forehead, in any event he used it to Syrian people Russia should full responsible for it! 

BTW, in my view Russia try to this issue bring into the the useless unsc( it has been it will be useless for the Syrian conflict) where they think they  power to veto! In my view this is only can solved it military action, no Geneva agreement either, no breathing space for terrorist  Assad, this is the only way, no more let this deadly game  play around by the bunch of lair terrorist and hypocrites. We know now who they are, simply international community stand firmly one direction,  arming FSA revolutionary so they can effectively bring this conflict forward! To be frank do international community need Russia solve this Syrian conflict? No I don;t think so, outside of unsc they are dead ducks! the above Bogdanov statement probably testing the current, how the world react! Russia is irrelevant! With or without,   the  FSA Revolutionary going to Win! No one change them, no one able  stop them regardless what the world think, if the world provide them proper cool weapons the ending is much quicker! 

Heroes Revolutionaries On the Ground

Passionate  heroes revolutionaries on the ground, there are many ways can fight this terrorist Assad! I think all  them are from Homs.  They are very brave indeed!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Father Christmas For Syrian People

Father Christmas must come without fail!!!

All Syrian People Joining

«Syrian Kurds declare joining the National Coalition for the forces of  Revolutionary

Now, it is time greater alawites community joining their great revolutionary, take ownership of this enlightened revolution too, this is theirs too! They should not be manipulated terrorist Assad, he has no loyalty of alawites but he used them, their blood for sustaining his own family business, Syria is not for the terrorist Assad family firm but all Syrian people!  

Sun Set Always

You know, what human being want after all of this destruction  and killing?  One human being don;t have right above another human! Why the world let this terrorist killer commit  a such atrocity against his own people for so long? So carelessly undignified way...!  We human are nasty ugly compare to the sunset! Even if made from dusty pollution, how splendorous it is!  We human are should learning from the Sunset splendorous! Unreserved direct generousness  its beauty to the twilight! Fleeting!  he didn't want to hold us his powerful splendorous forever but  before we re tired of him, he gives its away to twilight darkness!    So he make us yearning for more!

Food Line

Hopfully Soon

All our little friends are going to school! Some friends not coming sadly! they have gone to the heaven! Their job is study,  not going after breads for sure! their immensely sad pearly eyes, but they will grow like freedom tree, bright strong they will live on behalf of their friends life too!  Anyway we all hope that this will end soon! Gee beautiful raced  collar..., I had to wear white collared black uniform until  17 years old! Until 17 years old that is right!    hahaha...

Urgent for Very Basics Things   

Have Click in here look full of dead people  unbelievable, I just cannot believe how human being treat other human in such brutal way!   Also breads are rarest most precious  thing along with electricity currently at Syria! I think revolutionary act fast make sure civilian access these basic things!  Friend of Syrian People must do their duty generosity!  

Russia Says they Lost!

Russia’s deputy foreign minister said Thursday that President Bashar al-Assad is losing control over Syria and his opponents may win, the first acknowledgement by Mr. Assad’s main ally that he faces a likely defeat
“We must look at the facts: there is a trend for the government to progressively lose control over an increasing part of the territory,” Mr. Bogdanov said during hearings at the Kremlin advisory body, the Public Chamber. “The opposition victory can’t be excluded.”

Thank you Russia!  Your honorable dignified admission! You lost and also you were a nasty!  I can understand your shallow code of honor of yourself that was selfish indeed! I condemn  your honor code which was based on millions of innocent people sufferings!  What are you doing?  Yankee et al all these “ Friend of Syrian people? Some cool killer weapons FSA revolutionary on the ground, to a big push this final stage of revolution!  Amazing things, US et al sing song “non-lethal weapons”  and “black list most well armed eminence  al-Nusra”, how could the revolutionary win this battle without cool killer arms? Soon this atrocity over and finally Syrian people will be free!  There is lots of defection on the ground! A huge defection! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unbelievable! Unbelievable !

Terrorist Assad bombing party at Homs, you can see the bombs rain from the sky? Civilence and their  houses!  US can not condemn  a-Nursa fighters for fighting this kind inhuman  terrorist! WHY not make terrorist Assad ad blacklist international criminal and arrest him with his gang!

I now understand why my little friend his blue sky was a killer sky, he is telling  his finest intelligent, very discriminatory the situations and   compelling evidence in his was telling in his  painting - terrorist Assad's fighter jets only finest clear cay able to see clearly towns villages cities that is why! So blue sky is killer sky for him! The giant stairways also! How could any human endure in such terrifying ordeal every single day for more than 6 or 7 months? ( Homs has been shelling for months months!)

Reconsideration of The "Blacklist Al-Nusra"

Syria rebel military commander condemns US al-Nusra Front blacklisting

A key mainstream Syrian rebel commander condemned on Wednesday a US decision to blacklist the al-Nusra Front as a "terrorist organisation".
"We reject this decision," Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi, head of the Free Syrian Army in the battleground northern province of Aleppo, told AFP. 
"Al-Nusra Front has never done anything illegal or worth condemning against a foreign country. They are fighting side by side with us."
Yes, I agree with Colonel Jabbar al-Okaidi's statement and respect their loyalty to each other, yes may be idealistically different, but  friends come to you offer aid at your darkest time, you are owing gratitude  to that friends, I think world should be like that way...! I think US reconsideration of the "blacklist Al-Nusra" bit more investigation. All they have done is reactionary of terrorist Assad regime commits  unbelievable astrocy Syrian people! Without source of money, all they could do was cheapest easiest and most effective  ways deployment was bombing few terrorist regime security buildings. Some of area were done by terrorist Assad side too! In my view if US should respect the Syrian revolutionary and al-Nursa relationship and encourage their commitment AND  recognition of their bravery and their achievement, probably that would be  much smooth transition under ground! Who knows in this way, there may be a great unexpected outcome! Muslims is one of major religion  which is nearly 2 billions people followers!