Saturday, December 29, 2012

NO More Lies

Suddenly Russia is calling for all side dialog, become a saver for Syrian conflict, they invite all of parties in Russia, to parties with all the parties of, end of the years whole sale cheap diplomacy, and  bargaining parties for the world.  The Syrian Opposition said they don't want to bargain with terrorist Assad, Russia said that is "dead end" WHILE this criminal terrorist Assad is pounding airstrikes around Syria to try to bargain their dead end position!   Homs, terrorist Assad's destruction!

Without removing Assad first, and if Syrian people were asked to come to the negotiation table, I think their reaction is predicable, and that is not "dead end". To be frank simple thinking, terrorist Assad is a nobody, but a criminal,  he was happen to be a son of dictator who had stolen Syria from Syrian people for decades for his own family! Like his father he is a killer!  It is time to return Syria her rightful owner!  International community must obligate.  He has no right destroy Syria completely utterly, turn Syria into another Somalia! Syria is not belong to Assad family but 23 million Syrian people's, Assad never have been  a  choice of people, but he was a product of system, which was created by his father.  The system never mean to sustainable. Moreover when he had a chance to change it  but instead he choose to kill his people, whose demand was "change", that was his choice and  his ending!  So international community no more delay no more crocodile honor of obligation of mere terrorist criminal Assad fate but their obligation is Syria and Syrian people destiny.  

To be frank, do Syrian people need Russia crocodile diplomacy?  Do Syrian people need still terrorist Assad opinion whether he has a right or choice to remain his position?  That both his master Russia and himself should understand that that is not up to his choice but the choice is Syrian people’s. that is fact!  It is a endgame,  terrorist criminal Assad fanatical kowtow to his Kremlin master save his deadend life!  His master is  Syrian people he should kowtow to his people for begging for his life not the Russian!  If he had known that fact, he never made a fatal mistake by gun point his own masters! But tyrants are not only stupid but also  coward!

Mr Brahimi says, Syrian people have two choice “ hell or political solution” also possible 1 million  refugees from Damascus  to neighboring countries…if this conflict continues.  We don’t know  what discussion he had with his” honored meeting’  with terrorist-criminal-nobody-Assad, but Russian official said that “ Assad is not going anywhere, if he doesn't want go we can not ask him to go…etc.!”  So this is a black mail to international community is that,  terrorist Assad not going but fight to his end, turn Syrian into a major destruction so international community must accept terrorist own terms of a political settlement - O man, can you believe and nice try but Syrian people is not deceived by his cheap shot- save his neck and that is supported by his Kremlin masters! Well, again his masters and terrorist Assad himself forget that, that is their own game but not the Syrian people game.  Why Syrian people need to bargain? They are wining the game for heaven sake! Or Allah Akbar!   Also to Brahimi Syrian people was in a hell last 22 months, what would be difference if terrorist Assad still alive in Syria?